How A Good Copywriter Can Pull You Out of a Landing Page Rut

Never underestimate the power of a well-written landing page. Landing pages for paid search or organic search differ in some ways but the same basic principles for writing must be kept in mind. Sometimes, you’ll find yourself in a rut and find it hard to understand why a landing page that otherwise seems good on paper isn’t converting or converting the right type of customers. This is where an experienced and effective copywriter can come handy.


Focus on Conversion

The main focus of a landing page is conversion. When we talk specifically about a PPC landing page, even better! Because the writer doesn’t have to keep SEO in mind. This brings us back to the good-old days of writing ad copy, without coming off as contrived or unnatural to please search engines. This means relying on tactics of: engaging reader emotion, establishing trustworthiness, creating a relationship and showing visitors why they have made the right choice by choosing your company.

Appropriate Ad Copy to Accompany Video

Nowadays, a video may often accompany a main landing page. But what about the content that accompanies the video? If the video is the selling point of the page, the copy must back it up. A video on an empty landing page isn’t going to sell it self or seem trustworthy or relevant. Even though the emphasis is on the video, there still has to be content. Content in this case can come in the form of relevant testimonials, blurbs about the company. The goal is to reinforce the visitor in their choice of staying on your site and watching the video.

Stand Out Among Similar Competitors

When customers are doing a search, chances are they’ll choose between a handful of companies. This is a tough playing field as you’re all targeting the same keywords. It doesn’t help that Google tends to bold these phrases in search results so you’ll literally be seeing the same thing over and over again.

A creative copywriter can help your ad copy and landing page stand out in the sea of monotony. This is where using similar phrases and synonyms, action verbs and adjectives help set your company apart from competitors. Create custom headlines and content to show your true voice, instead of just targeting the same old keywords everyone else is.

Be A Voice of Reason and Don’t Make Half Promises

Sometimes, landing pages may seem spammy when the content over delivers and fails to keep the initial promise. The page might be very simple with a form for information promising something in return. For example, a landing page advertising a FREE* product or service might have a small disclaimer of being “free” for X amount of days. Although this technically not lying because of the disclosure, it can be considered deceptive. With the help of a copywriter, a landing page can be transformed with language that says “COMPLETELY free”,”100% free” or “No Credit Card Required”. This is the kind of content that gets people to convert.

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