3 Non-Content Things Content Marketing Focuses On

focus-content-marketing Content marketing is all about different types of content… but what about when it’s not? Dig a little deeper and you’ll see that content marketing focuses on much more, especially the three things we are going to discuss today.

The Business Story

Before you push different types of content out, what is it that your business has to say? Are you devoted to serving the community? Solving a difficult problem? Righting wrongs of other businesses in the industry? A brand message sets a business apart from competitors and sets the mood and tone for your content marketing campaign. Depending on what that message is, it may be wise to use certain mediums over another. For example, videos may help in “boring” industries where the field is already flooded with written content.

The Audience

Secondly, WHO is it that this story is suppose to appeal to? Without knowing your core audience, the message may be lost amongst a sea of uninterested consumers. It not only helps to target who you want as customers but what phase of the buying circle they are currently in. Are they just browsing and price shopping? Or are they ready to pull the trigger and make the purchase? The difference between identifying an influencer and decision maker is a crucial one.

Technical SEO

Behind-the-scenes of content marketing, technical SEO factors come into play. This refers to properly optimizing the content and tracking its success. The tracking part is how you can tell what is successful or not. Consider Analytics your new best friend. For example, using the right Analytics, you can easily tell which blog posts get the most organic or social traffic. Add Goal tracking, and you can also tell which posts get the most conversions. Feel free to try these other tools.

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