Unlocking the Key to Consumer Local Search Behavior

Consumers are constantly looking for things close to them. Nearby searches of restaurants, clothing stores and other local businesses fulfill a want and need. Going a step further, consumers are doing competitive research looking at pricing, hours, and products in stock. Although a definitive study can’t be done, Google sought out to understand this local search behavior as best they could. Google partnered with Ipsos MediaCT and Purchased┬« on research studies with 5,000+ U.S. smartphone users. These searches were logged and findings will help businesses get a better understanding of what consumers are looking for. View the entire study here.


Key Findings on Consumers Taking Action

– When searching, location and proximity matters
– Half of participants who entered a local search on their phone, visited a store that very same day
– 4 in 5 consumers want ads based on their location and immediate surroundings
– What do customers look for? 54% were looking for business hours; 53% checked directions; 50% were looking for the address
– 18% of local searches (on a mobile device) lead to a same day purchase
– 73% of participants thought directions in ads were important and 70% thought having a call button is important

How Can Businesses Keep Up With Local Search Demand?

First and foremost, having prominent contact information on your website and ads is a must. Customers are looking for directions to your address and your local number (no 800 or call tracking numbers here, please!).

The second step is more difficult to keep up with, but it’s just as important. If you haven’t heard already, Google is changing their local landscape again… with the introduction of Google My Business. This is an “upgrade” to the disaster that was Places and merging of Local Plus. Google has announced that this will be a solid platform where businesses can address their customers’ needs. The good thing is that My Business will feature a full integration of Google Places and Google Plus. Theoretically, this should be a seamless transition that will make it easier for businesses and customers all together.

Read more about Google My Business here and call us at (323) 340-4010 if you have any questions. Your local search presence is too important to overlook!

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