Stop, Collaborate (Content) and Listen


On a large scale, successful collaborative campaigns usually happen with bigger brands: Alexander Wang & H&M, Spotify & Uber, Apple Pay & MasterCard, and so on. Why not take that idea and use it for your local content marketing campaign?

Collaborative content marketing works best for non-competing, complementary businesses. A local example could be a burger restaurant carrying a local ice cream parlor’s flavors for their milkshakes – a perfect example of two brands working well together.

Here are some other ways you can collaborate with another business to maximize your content marketing efforts:

Take Over a Social Account

Now that you have your business of choice on board, it’s time to get to work. Taking over their Instagram for the day can be a fun and creative way for your business to get exposed to a new audience – and vice versa. The key to the success of a collaborative content campaign is choosing the route where both businesses will benefit. You’ll get the brand buzz and broaden your audience, don’t forget to tag users and use relevant hashtags. Follow us on Instagram and let us know what you think!

Set Up a Local Meetup

Collaborative content marketing campaigns can be fun, creative, but also informative. Together, you can setup a mixer or plan a small presentation or Q&A session. Think of it as giving back to the community, while also helping your brands out by establishing yourself as experienced thought leaders in the neighborhood and industry. is a great way to get neighbors and like minded people aboard. It will also give you more content to post on social media sites, further benefiting your content efforts.

Engage with Infographics, Pictures, and Videos

A collaborative content marketing wouldn’t go very far without actual content. It’s a good thing that working with a complementary business will give you more things to write about! But don’t stop with just blog posts, press releases, email blasts, and social updates. Take it to the next step with tangible assets such as infographics and videos. Answering FAQs or doing a tutorial together is even more helpful and will increase the chances of that video becoming evergreen content – which is very much a good thing.

When it comes to SEO and content marketing, sometimes two heads are better than one. Don’t forget that when you’re planning your next content campaign.

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