More Clicks on Paid Ads after Penguin/Panda?

Google recently released second quarter financial earnings for 2012 and the results have some webmasters thinking… What does a 42% increase in revenue (over the second quarter of 2011) really mean?

Since the dreaded Penguin and Panda updates, most SEOs agree that results haven’t been as relevant and that bad organic search results are leading users to click on paid ads.

In fact, Wordstream just came out with a clever infographic detailing paid vs organic listings. Did you know that 45.5% of people can’t identify paid ads if they aren’t shown in the right column? Many paid ads now take the top shelf space on top of organic listings and it’s no surprise that people can’t tell the difference… which can easily explain the rise in PPC ad clicks.

To make things harder on SEOs, information on Google Analytics keeps changing (due to privacy settings in browsers), which makes it harder for to get visitor info on keyword data. And as you can guess, the only way to get this “true” data is through AdWords.

So, what’s the moral of this story? Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Even if you’ve invested in an organic SEO campaign, you can’t expect it to be the only thing to boost business. It helps to supplement it with other strategies including: social media, video marketing, traditional offline marketing, word of mouth advertising and paid ads. Think of these assets as your business portfolio and diversify!

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