What Highlander Can Teach You About Online Marketing

By some inexplicable feat, Highlander has become a cult classic. The 1986 has been deemed a “confusing movie that makes no sense” by some and “a top 10 fantasy film” by others. Regardless of your opinion, there are important things this film can teach you about online organic marketing. Let’s take a look:

“There can only be one” – This catch phrase is repeated throughout the movie, especially when one “immortal” is about to be killed. This memorable quote has stuck by the movie for over 25 years. Now, that’s branding! Take this into account with your own brand message or mission statement. It’s important that this message accurately represents your business and is something that you can relate to for years to come. And remember, some of the most famous taglines are the most simple.

Attract attention in the right ways – What makes sense about having a Frenchman (Christopher Lambert) playing a Scottish warrior? Or having a Scottish man (Sean Connery) play a Spaniard? These bizarre casting choices brought Highlander attention, which has earned its place in cinematic history. If the internet and memes existed back then, you bet that bloggers would be all over this film! Attracting attention is important and sometimes, it doesn’t entirely make sense. Viral videos, anyone? The point is, these precise choices were made to raise awareness and interest in the film.

Re-work and re-write for remakes – Audiences love remakes and reboots, so it only makes sense that Highlander is slated to be restarted with Ryan Reynolds. What better way to get the public interested in an old franchise than with a handsome, young star? If you apply this strategy to your content, it only makes sense. It can be difficult to decide whether to trash a page that doesn’t rank well or to try and fix it by re-working it. As we know the value of older domains, it’s helpful to keep strong, SEO-friendly URLs whenever possible. Instead of starting over completely, you can use the page/topic as a starting point to come up with something newer and more relevant to your customers.

Sometimes, we can find inspiration in the strangest places. Let us know what you think about Highlander and all things internet marketing!

SEO Content: How Much is Too Much?

Do you need to add more SEO content to your website? And how much and how often is it needed?

More, More, More

These are difficult questions to answer without knowing more details. The important thing to remember is that since Google’s Panda Updates, your site’s quality is becoming more important. That’s right, quality over quantity. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone with half a brain, but  you’d still be surprised at how many clients are firm in wanting to add 10+ pages/blogs per day!

Who Comes First in Optimization
Think about it… if you’re adding that much content a day, how much of it is actually good, useful and meant for actual human beings? All along, SEO consultants and other experts have told us to build sites for people first and then optimize for search engines.

This isn’t a new concept.

What to Do with New/Old Pages
Instead of focusing on adding more pages and looking at a set amount of pages per month, it’s time to shift your focus. Sure, this strategy is more time consuming and requires more critical thinking, but it is a move that will be well worth it in the end. By looking at your Google Analytics account, Page Rank, or whatever measurements you’d like to use, you can make a list of effective pages on your site. These pages will rank well for relevant terms and have strong staying power in search engine ranking reports.

As much as you don’t like to admit, there are some pages that aren’t receiving as much attention… or the attention that they deserve. Don’t delete these pages and feel like you have to start over. In fact, the age of these pages can work to your advantage once you rework the content and re optimize.

While continuously adding mountains of content may seem like an easy and logical thing to do, it’s better to take a break sometimes. Re optimization is a complex process and there’s no shame in asking for help. Contact us on any questions and find out how we can help!

More Info on Content Management Systems

When updating your website it is important to keep in mind key aspects of your business and employees. The system in which you upload information or add photos, etc., is called a content management system (CMS). It is smart to use an easy CMS that accessible to people of varying levels. There is always information that should be added to your website, because hopefully your business will have advertising strategies. Ultimately, you want to update your system once.

Be sure to do research on the Internet and learn how you want your website to be seen by others. Find the best content management system for your specific needs. Use a website management can be costly, but having a plan and understanding exactly how you want to communicate with you clients is key to creating a website that you will like and be able to use often. Also, you want to be able to control your content, look for a simple content management system and begin you update. There aer so many options when it comes to the Internet, the key is knowing what you want and going after it. Be sure to talk to a company who understand your needs and is willing to work with you in order to reach all your Internet goals.

Learn About SEO CMS

Before creating a website it is important to know and understand what you want out of it. Many people approach the Internet in way that makes it a lot more complicated than it needs to be. There are plenty of easy content management systems available that can help shed light on the situation. Not only that but it is smart to think about how much traffic you want to generate towards your website. If you are interested in finding clients through you website it is a smart idea to look into seo cms because that way you can be ranked higher.

Ultimately, you need to know what you want out of your website, but also you should upgrade your system in a way that allows you to have an easy cms that functions great. Having a cms that is accessible for all your employees to work with is key to a great website or blog upgrade. You do not want to be spending an unnecessary amount of money on a cms and website design that you will not be able to change easily. Time passes quickly on the internet, be sure to find a system that can change as quickly and easily.

Simple Content Management Systems

As a business that is trying to keep up with the times it is important to do research and see what type of content management systems are out there. There are plenty of complicated cms, but ultimately finding a simple content management system is best because that way your entire employee’s will be able to use it. If you browse through the Internet, you can see there are many websites that look horrible and do not change with the times. This is probably because they were sold on a complicated cms and don’t have the time or money to update their system it an easy content management system. Just because it is complicated, does not mean that it is better.

Doing your research and understanding how you want to be perceived on the Internet is a great idea too. This is because there are many reasons why someone is browsing the Internet. If you are using your website to pull in customers, there are seo cms that would work great. Knowing exactly what you want is half the battle. Everything changes so quickly that it is important to always know what you want. Keeping your idea steady will allow your customers to see that you are a constant force they can trust.

Does Your Content Marketing Measure Up?

content marketingWhat is content marketing? In broad terms, it applies to all forms of marketing involving sharing engaging content that is meant to be useful for your target customers. When you hear this term used nowadays, it means more than just using words – like on a traditional blog or website.

Different Types of Content Marketing

Nowadays, content marketing applies across social media, video marketing, press releases, public appearances, and more. In the end, the goal is to tell a story about your brand and influence potential customers to convert. Without over-complicating things, it’s a content marketing is a simple strategy to make your products and services attractive to the right consumer base.

Counting Clicks and Shares

In terms of social media, people are always wanting to know how to accurately and effectively measure these metrics. Earlier this month, Twitter revealed that they are developing Twitter Web Analytics, which should be extremely helpful to small businesses.

But like other forms of content marketing, you can’t measure and analyze social media by just using one metric. Because your business may use social media in a different way, you have to consider different factors than just say “clicks”. While this is good place to start, you have to dig deeper than that. Looking at how many users are sharing your content and tools such as PostRank can help give you that insight.

As an e-commerce business, you might take the approach of tracking sales before and after advertising coupons or deals on social media networks. Whatever form of content marketing you choose for your next campaign, you can also check the progress you’ve made on certain keywords in search engine rankings.

Notice here, there is no magic way to give you the answers you need when it comes to analyzing the effectiveness of your content marketing. The concept of these metrics is simple, but when it boils down to it many people just don’t have the time or man power to track them. It all comes down to putting in consistent work and constant monitoring of results to see what needs to be changed. As a business, this might sound like a lot of work – because it is. Remember, our Los Angeles SEO consultants are always here if you have any questions or need any help!