What are Your Content KPIs?

What are Your Content KPIs?

Marketers need to be able to create quality content that not only reflects their brand well but also gets real results. It is important to be able to measure the success of your content through your KPIs or key performance indicators. Having KPIs in place will give you some measurable values of how effectively your company is achieving your top objectives in marketing campaigns.

Establishing KPIs starts with clearly defining what your business goals are on a strategic and logistical level. When you have a list of goals it can help you consider how certain metrics or KPIs tie into that goal and how much your performance should reflect your success. You should be able to keep track of your business goals and KPIs so that you know the scope of your marketing campaign.

When you consider KPIs for your marketing campaign you can choose different metrics that you think will best determine the results of your content. They could include measurable changes such as traffic volume, engagement, content effectiveness or resolving audience needs. If one of your business goals is to reach more people, then traffic volume and engagement will be important KPIs to track with your content.

Using analytics to measure KPIs will be crucial throughout the course of your marketing campaign. As you receive data from your content you can be creative in translating it so that you are able to apply your insights in different ways to adjust and improve your content. KPIs can help you come up with new ideas to create content that you think will get better results.

The most important thing about KPIs is to take action and use them as a way to make progress in your marketing so that you are able to reach more goals with the content you create.

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The Top Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2019

The new year is fast approaching, and with it, a dramatic shift in the digital marketing landscape encompassing social media, PPC, content marketing, and SEO. If you are a website owner or a digital entrepreneur, knowing which marketing trends are quickly gaining momentum will help you adjust your own digital marketing strategies accordingly. Just remember that while it is important to keep these trends in perspective, it is just as important to experiment outside of the mainstream and start your own trends.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence or AI is poised to take over numerous industries, including digital marketing. AI is now being used by a number of major businesses to analyze consumer behavior and search patterns, with the use of information obtained from social media and blog posts. AI helps these businesses understand how users discover their products and services and how they can improve user experience.

The Top Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2019Chatbots are one popular example of this. Chatbots are programs that are designed to mimic human interaction through audio or text. They have come a long way since they were first developed in the 1960’s. Chatbots that are powered by AI today are becoming more and more effective at resolving complex concerns or requests as they are allowed to learn from customer conversations. Nevertheless, there is still a place for actual and real human interaction. For example, click here to find out how real human interactions are still king in the realm of website traffic.  

Voice Search

With Siri, Alexa, and other similar voice assistance, companies are rethinking their digital marketing strategies in order to integrate voice search. Research shows that 50 percent of all search will be voice searches by the year 2020. Currently, more than 20 percent of mobile searches on Google are voice searches. Clearly, this is a trend that is quickly making its impact on the digital marketing world.

As the capacity of personal assistant devices to recognize human speech is improving, tailoring SEO strategy for voice search is essential. This is critical, especially given the fact that personal assistants like Siri will only show a few results for a voice search, compared to the hundreds of pages of results that are usually shown by search engines. To find out how you can improve your traffic for voice queries, visit us.

Interactive Content

According to studies, an overwhelming number of content marketers claim that interactive content tends to gain more attention compared to static content. Interactive content refers to content that involves the participation of the site visitor. It is believed to be a better way to inform, interest, and draw in an audience, with some statistics asserting that interactive content converts buyers 70 percent of the time, compared to only 36 percent for traditional, passive content.

Some of the top kinds of interactive content include assessments, calculators, contests, quizzes, and interactive infographics. Quizzes, in particular, are favored by many websites and digital marketers because people like to share their results on their social media pages, thereby increasing visibility.

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6 Reasons to Consider Using Podcasts to Grow Your Business – And How to Do It

6 Reasons to Consider Using Podcasts to Grow Your Business - And How to Do It

When most businesses launch, they usually have a strategy in mind – go the traditional awareness way and then, leverage social media.

Whenever they’ve exhausted all options and ask me what next to do though, I find out that many of them are yet to explore the sheer opportunities provided by podcasts. This is a very shocking development for many reasons.

For one, 49% of Americans (aged 12 and above) admit to knowing what a podcast is, and no less than 33% of them have listened to at least one before. The numbers get more interesting when you find out that some 65% of listeners have purchased something promoted on a podcast than elsewhere.

It is thus a wonder why marketers who spent a paltry $90 million in podcasts ads as at 2014 are now projected to spend more than $400 million by next year (2019).

But then, even if these podcasts are recording such amazing numbers, how do they help your business?

1. Higher Engagement Rates

The thing with other forms of marketing (website, Facebook, twitter, etc.) is that you have to always get in front of your audience with new content. That is not the same with podcasting as you can keep them engaged without their visiting your site at all.

Anytime you drop a new podcast, it is automatically downloaded to the consumer’s favorite device. Given that the average American spends 25% of their total audio time on podcasts too, that means better results for you.

2. Low Entry Barriers

Podcasting is one of those forms of outreach that you can start with little to no experience. People out there are podcasting just for the fun of it, and businesses are getting in on the trend too.

Software and hardware requirements are equally not overwhelming. You can even scale up as you go higher in your business.

If you still want things done professionally, you won’t have to break the bank. You can find a handful of good Phoenix sound mixers to help you take your podcast from an amateurish level to that professional audio output level you desire – in no time, and at not much cost.

3. Brand awareness

If I haven’t already mentioned this, podcasting is one of the most natural ways to drive quality organic traffic to your website. With the amount of engagement the platform brings, there is no doubt about it being one of the unique ways through which you can spread your brand awareness further.

Podcasts can also be shared on different distribution platforms. This allows you put your podcast onto more visible sharing platforms. From here, all roads lead to a greater brand visibility.

4. Passive Consumption

4 Passive Consumption

Have you ever thought about how busy your audience might be? Not all of them, but quite a handful of them?

These ones might not have the time or patience to browse through your website content or social media updates, but they can always consume your podcasts passively. That opens up a new market for you with such people, allowing you to break into their own space.

5. Highly Effective

All of these benefits of podcasts would mean nothing if they didn’t hold any promise for your business. That is why it is important to reiterate how 63% of podcast listeners claimed to have bought something that was advertised to them.

It is also important to note that up to 88% of all those who are subscribed to your podcasts will listen to everything you have to say. By everything, I mean every episode too.

I might be wrong, but tell me any other platform currently offering such an engagement rate.

6. Audience Availability

Every business needs an audience to survive.

On the iTunes podcasting section alone, there are more than 1 billion total subscribers within your reach. Castbox and Podcast Republic might not be as large, but they offer you some 5 million subscribers too. Yet another platform is Podbean which brings on board an addition 1 million subscriber market.

Considering how even the top three social media networks can’t add up to give you such numbers, it is not rocket science why podcasting should be atop your business marketing agenda.

Getting started with podcasting

Like I said earlier, getting into podcasting for your business is not capital intensive at all. However, I suggest getting it done right, even if it means bringing professionals into the loop.

The best place to start would be by looking around your neighborhood for such professionals.

There are a couple of great Phoenix podcast recording studios that you can book sessions with to get your audio content out there. These studios not only offer you state-of -the-art equipment to make your content delivery better, but guidance and direction too.

You would also want to look for a great sound mixer to ensure everything you say is as crisp as possible. Fact is, a sound mixer should come as part of the deal when you’ve landed a great recording studio already.


The numbers are there. The platform is there. The tools are there.

Now that you know just how important podcasts can be to your business, why wait? If you ask me, the best time to have started podcasting is yesterday.

The market is still fresh – break in and scale your brand better!

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Is Your Content Dying to Be Engaged?

Is Your Content Dying to Be Engaged?

One of the the key elements that marketers focus on is creating high quality content that will keep people interested in their brand. But another crucial factor in marketing success is also getting higher levels of engagement on your content. How do you get more users to interact with and respond to the content that you share?

The content that you write for blogs or post on social media can get more comments, likes and shares if you think of angles that will make people feel involved. This could mean writing about debatable topics or asking for users opinions about things so that they are more likely to chime in. You can ask a question, have people compare two options or open up a friendly non-offensive discussion.

Another strategy to take in order to increase engagement is to use relatable humor, surprising facts or interesting stories to get people to respond to your posts. Content that has these qualities tends to get shared more often because users are hoping to get others to respond. It is a good idea to know your audience and what type of humor or stories will be relatable and interesting to them.

Appealing graphics and images are also a simple way to attract more attention and encourage more engagement with your content. If you are posting a blog then incorporating some infographics, screenshots or images of your products can help illustrate the topic you are discussing. Social media posts with colorful and attractive images tend to get more attention and engagement from followers.

Video can be just as effective a tool as images so make sure to incorporate some short video clips on your blog or social media profile. Using a variety of different strategies to increase engagement can lead to building more popular content online.

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Getting Started with Micro-Video Content Creation

Getting Started with Micro-Video Content Creation

Video marketing has become a more integral part of a business’ overall advertising strategy as the popularity of video continues to grow online. People tend to seek out video to find information and also remember video more easily than other types of content. Powerful companies are now using micro-video content to engage users and increase brand recognition.

A micro-video is a essentially a short video clip aimed at retaining people’s attention by keeping the content brief. A micro-video might only be about 15-30 seconds long but contains valuable marketing information that the user is more likely to remember. People will usually watch the whole video, understand the message and be more inclined to engage with your business.

When it comes to creating micro-video content it is important to have a goal in mind such as brand awareness, customer retention or increasing engagement. You can then choose a type of video that will help you reach your goal such as GIF, animated video or simply a short clip. GIFs can be effective for creating something humorous or showcasing products with an eye-catching animation of them.

A video with real footage may be useful in introducing a new product and including important information about it that you want to share. For a real video clip you need to write a script if you plan to have narration or dialogue. In some cases you may just want to use background music along with compelling images and text.

Make sure to use some good quality equipment for your video including a nice camera and audio recording tools. A better quality video is likely to get more engagement especially if it has high quality audio rather than a smartphone microphone. Once you have shot, edited and uploaded your micro-video you can post and promote it on social media where you will start to see more engagement.

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The Netflix Digital Marketing Midas Touch

The Netflix Digital Marketing Midas Touch

Netflix has become a staple of entertainment in people’s homes and this is partially due to their smart advertising campaigns that get people interested in their content.

Netflix subscriptions have increased from 30 million  in 2012 to 120 million today and the number is expected to keep rising. People love Netflix because of the content but also because the product is personalized to give users what they want.

Netflix focuses much more on content personalization than other entertainment companies by using proprietary algorithms to predict what kind of content users will be likely to watch and hiding everything else. Although Netflix has spent a lot of money and time investing in engineers to create these algorithms other companies can still benefit from focusing on personalization.

Using tools that help personalize websites based on what users have visited in the past can be an effective technique in creating a more personal experience like Netflix.

Another technique that Netflix has proven to be very successful with is their email marketing campaign. Netflix emails contain branded content, moving images and GIFs to catch user attention and get them interested in watching new shows or movies as they are uploaded to the site. Their simple email designs incorporate themes from the show and are still easy to read for people who to tend to skim emails.

In looking at Netflix’s digital marketing approach, making things simple yet highly personalized tends to work best in reaching a bigger audience. People want things to be easy and to be uniquely catered toward them and their personal interests. Personalization helps anticipate users needs and wants, which will make them more likely to become a loyal customer.

Personalized content and simple advertising campaigns like email marketing can go a long way to appealing to more people overall.

Matt Ramage is founder of Emarketed a web marketing agency located in Los Angeles. He loves coffee, good design, and helping businesses improve their look and getting found on the Internet.

GIF 101 – How to and Why?


With social media marketing, creating diverse kinds of media can be a useful strategy to keep people’s attention. In addition to images and video, incorporating gifs in your posts can be a fun way to showcase your brand and company’s personality. Gifs are not only entertaining, they can also be a powerful tool to communicate with your audience.

A GIF is essentially a series of bitmap images that are linked together into a single animated image. They have lower frame rates than videos so they generally are smaller files that are easier to share online. They can also be quick and simple to make using GIF conversions sites online like GIPHY, Make a Gif or Gifs.com.  

Using these sites you can choose a video to upload that you have on your computer or find one on YouTube or Vimeo and simply paste the URL into the converter. Once you upload the video to be converted you can decide on the length that you want for the GIF and set it using time stamps. You can then add text to highlight dialogue in the video since GIFs don’t include sound.

Once you’ve completed your GIF you can download it and drag it into your web browser where it will start looping. GIFs are useful because they play instantly and will continually loop so that people browsing social media will see it immediately. They don’t require any time or commitment to watch it the way a longer video might so it can catch user attention more easily.

GIFs are simple yet appealing and engaging for social media users. They also offer variety to your posts so that you are keeping people interested with different types of media instead of only sharing photos or videos. Using GIFs occasionally in your social media posts can be an effective way to boost engagement and increase brand awareness.


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Balance Between Creative and Analytical Marketing

Balance Between Creative and Analytical Marketing

With any marketing campaign you will need to have both a creative idea and an approach that will work based on data you’ve gathered. Businesses need to make sure that don’t rely too heavily on analytics in their marketing but also don’t avoid the necessity of analyzing data to focus solely on creativity. A balance of both strategies can make marketing more effective at reaching new customers.

For some companies, incorporating both a creative and analytical approach will require them to change their mindset and practical aspects of how they create marketing campaigns. At the outset of creating a marketing campaign they will need to encourage creative ideas and innovation for new marketing content. They will then need to learn how to refine and perfect those ideas through lots of testing and data-driven analysis.

A creative idea is only one part of producing a marketing campaign that will function the way that you want it to. When you put a creative idea into practice you need to get feedback on how it is performing and use to data to determine how it can be adjusted to work more effectively. Testing, analysis and revision are aspects of marketing that many businesses don’t focus on enough to get the results they want.

To create more balanced marketing, businesses will need to hire both creative minded people and those with a talent for analytics. Each team needs to have clear roles so that they can make decisions that incorporate both sides into the campaign. Creative and analytics staff members can create more balanced marketing by collaborating with each other on multiple projects.

Analytics can greatly improve marketing performance but it needs to be paired with unique and creative ideas that represent your brand. Balancing both creativity and analytics can be a rewarding challenge for any business.

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Fall Trends: Digital Marketing

Fall Trends: Digital Marketing

The realm of digital marketing is constantly changing and every business needs to stay up to date with the latest trends. The way that customers view and experience digital marketing can quickly change depending on emerging technology and new discoveries. There are few new trends that could be important to explore as you work on keeping your marketing approach current.

Virtual reality is becoming a more commonplace technology for consumers in their daily lives. Social media platforms like Facebook have even incorporated things like 360 degree photos and video publishing. Snapchat also allows users to project their virtual self into the real world with an animated bitmoji.

Businesses can take advantage of virtual reality by creating apps that incorporate a virtual element for users. Big brands like McDonald’s and IKEA are using virtual reality apps to give users a different experience with their products. There are plenty of creative ways to include virtual reality with an effective marketing campaign.

Another important trend is voice search which is quickly taking over typed searches as the most popular way for people to find what they are looking for. Incorporating voice search into an SEO campaign is now a necessity in order to take advantage of this trend. Voice search can change the way that people frame their questions and inquiries so SEO marketers will need to be in tune with the key terms that will work best.

One of the most effective marketing trends is using video content to get people’s attention. Video has taken over photos on social media and users expect to see lots of video content in their newsfeed. With video you can provide more engaging content that provides users with a more complete image of your brand.

Following these new trends in digital marketing can keep you relevant and up to date with potential customers this fall.

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Is the Gaming World the Last Marketing Frontier?

Is the Gaming World the Last Marketing Frontier?

The world of video games has changed dramatically in the past 20 years and now with new virtual and mobile games it has opened up more opportunities for advertising. Recently, mobile games generated about $46.1 billion in revenue or about 42 percent of the market compared with consoles and PC games. The demographics for games, especially mobile ones, are much broader now than they were back in the 80s and 90s.

Video games can offer advertisers a chance to reach a wide and varied audience that downloads mobile apps on their phone. Mobile apps can earn big money and marketers that place an advertisement in a mobile game can get millions of views for their ad easily. Free mobile games tend to make money by selling advertising space to businesses or including product placements within their games.

Businesses are also creating their own games or mobile apps as a way to advertise themselves through gaming. IKEA recently developed an augmented reality tool that allows users to virtually place a piece of furniture in their home to see what it looks like. The restaurant chain Chipotle also created a game called “the Scarecrow” in which users helped to break up a monopoly.

These kinds of games help businesses connect with customers while promoting the brand’s values and providing something either entertaining or useful. Another marketing technique is including in-game ads within the video game’s world. User’s will see the ad in the game’s story mode or while they are walking around in a role playing game.

Video games can offer potential for advertising to a diverse audience. Companies that want to expand their reach and try new marketing techniques might benefit from exploring the world of creating mobile apps and placing in-game ads.

Matt Ramage is founder of Emarketed a web marketing agency located in Los Angeles. He loves coffee, good design, and helping businesses improve their look and getting found on the Internet.