Why Your Business Needs a Google Shopping Campaign

Why Your Business Needs a Google Shopping Campaign

If your business has a physical shop or an online store then you need to be taking advantage of every opportunity you can to advertise and sell more products. Services like Google Shopping are a way to present your products to people online so that they can comparison shop and search for specific items that you offer. A good Google Shopping campaign can boost your visibility and ultimately increase sales for your business.

Google Shopping is a part of the Adwords program run by Google which allows businesses to boost their name in a search. With a regular Adwords campaign you would be able to boost a link to your company website when someone searches for related keywords. With Google Shopping, when someone searches for a product that you offer they will see a picture of the item along with the price, other details and a link to purchase the product from you.

As a part of your online advertising campaign, Google Shopping is a good investment because it will allow customers to immediately see your product, compare your price with your competitors’ and click through to buy it online. It provides an easy shopping experience that will bring customers straight to you. Your sponsored ads at the top of the page will make it simple for the user to see exactly what they want and not waste time searching through your website.

Benefits of Google Shopping

As another form of advertising to include your digital campaign, Google Shopping offers numerous benefits to businesses that will complement your other marketing techniques. Shopping campaigns will not only provide more visibility to your products they also tend to have higher conversion rates than text ads. A shopping ad is a more visual way to present your business along with selling propositions that can appeal to customers.

Shopping campaigns can also include product ratings so that customers can see how your product compares with others in satisfaction level. Star ratings can be another visual way to grab a potential customer’s attention along with propositions such as “free shipping” or “lifetime returns” so that they favor your product over others. Customers who are able to see all this information from the Shopping ad are more likely to convert because they already know enough important details about the product.

Google Shopping ads have higher conversion rates on both desktop and mobile than regular text ads. A recent marketing report found that Shopping ads had a 21% higher rate on mobile phones and a 30% higher rate of conversion on desktops. That can make adding a Google Shopping campaign a great supplement to the marketing strategies you already have in place, especially when you are pushing a specific product.

When you use both Google Shopping and another Adwords campaign you can have your brand show up twice in a search which can help customers remember you. Brand reinforcement can be a great benefit of Shopping Ads because customers will associate the image of your product and seeing your name in the search results so that they will easily recognize your brand. The next time they think of a certain product they will think of your company and what you offer.

Marketing to Interested Customers

What is the most useful about Google Shopping campaigns is that they allow customers to find their perfect match in terms of products and businesses. You will be able to reach out to the customers that want to find you and exactly what you offer. Customers are likely to love your products and your brand if you offer a good competitive price and the specific item they are searching for.

These types of campaigns can also be very affordable to run because you will only have to pay based on the amount of customers that actually click through to your website. Google Shopping also makes it easier to prioritize certain products you want to sell because you can focus on them in your campaign. In a physical store you would have to push these products to the front or even drop the price in order to sell them but with Google Shopping you can simply create a focused ad.

If you are interested in Google Shopping you can start by setting up a Google Merchant account and then submit your products. You will then be able to bring in more customers by setting up your Shopping Ad.

A Google Shopping campaign helps you reach the customers that want your product and customize ads to sell the products that you want people to find. It can simplify the shopping experience on both sides with customers able to easily find what you offer and your business being able to maximize sales and increase conversion rates. Overall, Google Shopping is a win-win for businesses and customers alike.