How Has Your Blogging Changed This Year?

So far, 2013 has been a year of many changes for SEO. Effective optimization and natural linking were just some things bloggers need to keep in mind on top of writing unique, quality content. Content marketing has become a more broad term to encompass SEO content, website pages as well as blogging. No one’s arguing that there hasn’t been many changes to blog strategies this year!


Over-Optimization: Google’s Panda update (and rolling Panda updates) have struck fear into the hearts of bloggers everywhere. Whereas keyword rich links, titles, posts and pages used to be effective, we are going back in some aspect to clean all that optimization up. Need a better visual? Check out Moz’ guide to Keyword Targeting and On-Page Optimization.

Guest Posting Blogs and Massive Interlinking:
Besides blatantly spamming search results, Google pretty much hates any unnatural link that is built in order to manipulate Page Rank. And this means guest posting rings and complex link schemes. Webmasters who used to purely rely on large-scale blog exchanges for link juice will be severely disappointed and even penalized. Remember, you want to play it safe by diversifying text and link sources as well as building a natural velocity of links.

Microformat: Implementing Google Authorship and other markup has helped bloggers increase click through rates for blog posts in competitive industries. These rich snippets have helped authoritative figures own their content and encourage activity on Google+ (wink, wink). The theory here is that publicly claiming your content is helpful readers and will encourage bloggers to write more quality content.

In-Depth Articles: On the topic of rich snippets, Google has announced their soon to come highlights of in-depth articles in search results. Although shorter, informal and micro blog posts are great to vary the type of content on your site/blog, Google has chosen to showcase long-form informative articles. You can markup this content with an author, pictures, alternative titles, number of social shares and more.

What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in blogs so far this year?

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