Blog Topic Ideas for Boring Industries

Blogging might not be what it used to be. But in terms of keeping your website fresh (for on-site blogs) and social signals, blogs are still an important part of SEO. The hardest part about keeping up with your blogging schedule is probably setting aside the time and being able to fill that space with something unique and meaningful. Sure, writing about fashion, video games and technology is great. But what about the “boring” industries? This can especially be a challenge fields such as healthcare, financial or e-commerce. Here are a few ideas to inspire you to blog more, even if the industry can bore you to tears!


Explain what you do in layman’s terms-

As an expert in your field, this is an easy way to show what you know, while addressing things that matter. Explaining hard-to-explain topics in a simple way is appealing to readers and will encourage them to 1) stay on site longer 2) finish what they’re reading. At the same time, it gives you space to write about things that should be common knowledge and dispel myths. This is great for seemingly boring topics that really are important, such as insurance and taxes.

Case study-

A case study gives potential customers something to relate to. They want to see a problem that they can related to and what type of solution there is. But it’s not just as simple as the before and after. The process of how you approached the situation and obstacles you overcame are also meaningful. The devil’s in the details!

Blurb from authoritative source-

Think YMYL content. For serious industries, it’s hard not to write about fluff without directly giving readers any type of legal, medical, or financial advice. In order to boost your credibility, you can get a direct quote or blurb from the doctor, lawyer or other specialist and write a blog post around this. This method will have real content/advice that you can expand on in a blog or even a series of posts.

Interview style-

Interviewing someone at your company gives potential customers a better idea of what your company represents. It also gives you a reason to blog because it’s interesting, as well as SEO-friendly. A short blog post can help your customers get to know any employee better and give them a good reason to choose your company over a competitor. The human touch is something that differentiates your brand and it can’t be copied or duplicated!

Off tangent but close enough to be related-

Every once in awhile, you’re going to lose track in blogging or fall off-topic. But that’s ok! “Interesting” blog posts that are social media-friendly are definitely encouraged. Whether it’s tying your industry to an up and coming movie or book, it’s useful to tie your business into something in pop culture that more people can understand and relate to. The tie in is most important and should give them a reason for reading. Don’t forget a call to action involving social networking!

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