Bing and Yahoo: Other Pieces of the Pie

If the Panda and Penguin updates have got you feeling down about organic search engine marketing, there might be some hope. Instead of waiting for algorithm updates to fix your website, your time could be spent analyzing and optimizing for Bing and Yahoo. By the way, Matt Cutts has said that the next Penguin update will be “big”!

I know what you’re thinking, Google dominates about 66% of all searches… but what about the rest? Don’t be so quick to brush of the other search engines! (FYI Yahoo results are now powered by Bing.) Take a look at some benefits of optimizing for Bing and Yahoo and why you might want to look into it:

Bing Disavow Links Tool – In order to help fight negative SEO and give you more control of your link building efforts, Bing has recently launched this tool. This feature allows you to block link juice from unnatural or suspicious sources that your business isn’t associated with. Hopefully, Google will get a hint and help SEOs out soon!

Bing and Yahoo Go Hand in Hand – Since summer of 2010, Yahoo results are powered by Bing. Tada, you’ll get a 2 for 1 bonus if that’s where you want to focus!

Different Search Algorithm – Since Bing and Yahoo run on a different formula than Google, this can be used to your advantage. For example, the other search engines seem to favor older domains more than Google does. In some cases, this also holds true for an emphasis on exact match domains (in case your URL is older and you chose it early on.) No need to worry about that just yet with Bing and Yahoo. As for title tags, Bing and Yahoo will stick with the ones you chose, unlike Google who chooses what they think is better.

Target Audience – Depending on your industry and audience, it could be helpful to optimize for Bing and Yahoo as well. Many people are still stuck using Yahoo while others have sworn off Google in favor of Bing. Google isn’t the only one even though all this algorithm update news have made SEOs obsessed with it.

Before you go crazy trying to optimize for these other search engines, it will be more useful to track/analyze where you are first before going all out. Make milestones of what is worth and not worth pursuing. Optimizing for search engines should always be the second thing in the back of your head, people being first. Even though a giant like Google can be frustrating and cloud your goals, it’s helpful to keep your assets on Bing and Yahoo and possibly work harder top optimize them for further staying power in SERPs.

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