What is Bing Ads Express?

A few weeks ago, we discussed the idea of “setting and forgetting” PPC ads. Bing Ads Express has made that dream a reality!


Within Bing Ads Express, there’s an option for local businesses to utilize pay per click ads without constantly having to worry and micromanage the account. There is a simple three step process to follow and the monthly minimum required is only $50.

How Easy Is it?

Setting up is as easy as claiming your business, writing an ad, adding a payment information and setting a budget. Once it’s set up, your ads will start showing up on Bing (and Yahoo) without a few hours! The catch that Bing Ads Express is currently only available in a few select cities. Those who are lucky enough to be on the network can certainly enjoy the benefits of local PPC.

Who Will Benefit from Bing Ads Express?

Bing Ads Express seems to be aimed at small businesses. The idea is to give business owners an easy option for paid ads with a “lower bar” to enter a highly competitive market. These ad campaigns are meant to be easy and as simple as possible to set up and maintain.

What is Automated with Bing Ads Express?

Just because Bing Ads Express is easy, doesn’t mean that it can’t work to fulfill all your business needs. Bing Ads Express allows business owners to create campaigns complete with ads, ad groups, bids, and different keywords. The campaigns are also adjusted on a daily schedule to best fit your business needs.


Emarketed is a Bing Accredited Professional Company. Contact us today about more information on Bing ads.

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