5 Benefits of Evergreen Content

evergreen-contentWhy should every business blog have evergreen content? Because it will help your content strategy grow in the long run! Content that is considered to be “evergreen” is timeless and something that visitors will keep coming back to. Whether it’s a comprehensive blog post series, a how-to article, or an in-depth web page, your website will benefit from having different types of evergreen content. While ‘evergreen content’ mostly refers to written content, evergreen content can also cover videos, pictures, infographics, downloads, audio, & more.

1) Capture ‘beginner’ traffic – No matter what the subject matter is, there will always be an audience who is just learning about it. “How to properly hold drumsticks”, “how to properly paint a wall”, “how to choose the right auto insurance”, and the list goes on. These seemingly simple topics will always come in handy and you can tailor your evergreen content to capture this traffic. Remember to do evergreen content right by investing time & research so that it holds up not just now, but in the future.

2) Low maintenance once it’s done – Once you have a good piece of evergreen content, it doesn’t need very much maintenance. Be sure to monitor traffic, backlinks, and mentions. And of course, to regularly check up so that the content still holds true.

3) Regular traffic from seasonal posts – Did you write a thrifty article about Christmas shopping tips or best kept secret summer vacation destinations in Los Angeles? These are specific topics that visitors will search for… but only during certain times of the year. Having this type of evergreen content will help during those seasons and you can bust them out again and recycle them on social media, newsletters, or where relevant.

4) Sustainable blog posts – By nature, blogs touch on recent new stories and are more brief than web pages. The beauty in something like an evergreen blog post is that people might post helpful, related comments, which you can answer. This will also add to the power of the evergreen post as a whole. The reason forums are so popular is that people with similar interests (or problems/questions) will come to a relevant post and help solve the problem or create conversation. For this reason, you shouldn’t shy away from evergreen blog posts.

5) Expand on what you already have – Creating evergreen content out of “thin air” is daunting task. But what’s to stop you from finding a solid web page and making it better by adding evergreen elements? When you work with what you already have, it can be easier to expand on what you know and do best. Make it timeless by adding frequently asked questions or through step-by-step instructions on how to do something. Working with an existing web page will also be better SEO-wise because that URL is established and has more history (and links) rather than starting brand new.

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