Beat Your Blogging Blues

Do you have a case of the “Mondays”? Well, you don’t have to… at least when it comes to blogging. If you’re feeling bored, frustrated or uninspired, there are plenty of ways to get that excitement going and brain stimulation going on. But that takes work… so we’ve done it for you! Check out 5 tips you can use right now to beat your blogging blues.

1) Think in hashtags: Everyone on Twitter, Instagram and Google + is doing it. So, why aren’t you? Using words or phrases you would hashtag may help you think of something funny, insightful or interesting you can relate back to your topic. You can always search said hashtags and get ideas. As annoying as they can be, hashtags can get your creative juices flowing again. Besides, #YOLO.

2) Think of an abstract connection and make it happen: Want to connect a certain topic to lessons learned from your favorite movie or lyrics to your favorite song? Just do it! Sometimes, you just need an ending and you can fill in the cracks a long the way. If you need more catchy title ideas, check out our previous post on

3) Freewrite and brainstorm: Give yourself 10 minutes to write whatever comes to mind on a certain topic. You might have words, whole phrases, ramblings or even doodles written down. The purpose of these exercises is to think without restrictions and gather your thoughts up so that you can convey them in a meaningful fashion later.

4) Keep a journal: Everyday objects, tasks and people watching can give you ideas for writing. Sometimes, a good idea will come to me and I might forget it in passing. The best way to keep these points of inspiration is to write them down, whether it’s in a journal, on your phone, or even on your hand! It’s like waking up from a strange dream, it’s hard to remember unless you actually put it down on paper!

5) Keyword research: As boring as it sounds, Google’s Keyword Tool is a safe but sure way to gather ideas for writing. When you input a word or phrase, it will generate different phrases that you can specify to your needs. This will also give you synonyms and related phrases to use so that you aren’t repeating the same thing over and over again.

Have other tips you think we should know about? Let us know what you like to do when you’ve hit a writing slump.

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