Getting Your LinkedIn Content Viewed

Getting Your LinkedIn Content Viewed

Businesses often utilize LinkedIn to market to other businesses or certain demographics that are more likely to be interested in what they do. The content that you create for LinkedIn is only useful if it is visible to your target audience and you are able to get a good amount of engagement. Even if you have great content, you need to use some strategies to make sure that your articles or other types of content are seen by users on LinkedIn.

When it comes to creating content, long form status updates tend to be viewed more often on LinkedIn than full length articles. The updates are limited to about 300 words and are more effective at reaching people so that you means you won’t have to spend as much time writing them. Updates with an eye-catching first sentence are more likely to draw people in and encourage engagement.

Certain types of content can be more popular than others on LinkedIn depending on the audience you are trying to reach. In general, people like to read list posts that share a list of items such as your favorites books, blogs or podcasts. They also like to hear personal stories that can inform them or teach lessons about your professional journey in a way that resonates with readers.

You might want to share opinions that are somewhat controversial or challenge common beliefs to drive more engagement but be careful not to alienate readers. Another good strategy is to ask questions or invite others to ask you questions in the comments to get more people to respond. When you receive more engagements from your posts, make sure to reply to as many comments as possible so that people will feel heard and want to continue to interact with you in the future.

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The 5 Fundamentals of Marketing

The 5 Fundamentals of Marketing

Marketing is a carefully curated practice, and has evolved exponentially in the Internet age. There are a few basics that comprise an excellent marketing model. They all combine to increase sales, revenue, and relevancy for both the business and the marketing firm representing them. Knowing them, and even more importantly, knowing how to use them, are helpful.

The building blocks of an effective marketing strategy can bring enormous success, if you know how to use them to their fullest extent. Here are those concepts that any successful marketing campaign will need to succeed.

1. Production Concept

The production concept is an old marketing tactic. Essentially, the production concept lays out the importance of the affordability and availability of a product, and marketing it as such. This concept is fundamental in the production and distribution strategy of a particular product.

This is step one of marketing strategy, but perhaps not the most important step. Production is just one part of the whole.

2. Product Concept

The product concept focuses further on the importance of a product’s relationship to its users, and how to innovate that product for more widespread use. This aspect keeps in mind that customers want the absolute best from their products, and are bound to find it elsewhere. This is really an exercise in innovation, and knowing exactly what a business’ customer base wants. It’s always best to stay ahead of the competition.

3. Selling Concept

The selling concept is one of the trickiest to pull off. This technique identifies what a customer wants for a short-term sale, thus focuses on selling one product as many times as possible to a variety of customers, but without the expectation that a customer will return. This promises quick profits. Usually, this tactic is used for “unsought goods” or goods that a customer may not have thought about buying before, and will most likely need or use one time.

4. Marketing Concept

The marketing concept of a marketing strategy is perhaps the most important as it looks at the big picture of customer satisfaction and long-term goals of a campaign. Marketers have to identify their competition in order to create the most effective strategy to outsell them and to continue to do so. This concept focuses on the importance of customer satisfaction to strategize best long-term practices.

5. Societal Marketing Concept

The societal marketing concept explores the value of customer satisfaction in relation to society as a whole. In the most basic sense, the societal marketing concept aims to connect the wants and needs of the customers to their society, making sure the marketing practice isn’t just good for the business’ success, but especially for potential, continuing, and new customers to enjoy. This more philosophical concept helps bring the business out of it, and more empathy in.

What We’ve Learned

The 5 marketing concepts are just the bare bones of a marketing strategy, but they continue to work together to create something successful.

Just ask

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The Top Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2019

The new year is fast approaching, and with it, a dramatic shift in the digital marketing landscape encompassing social media, PPC, content marketing, and SEO. If you are a website owner or a digital entrepreneur, knowing which marketing trends are quickly gaining momentum will help you adjust your own digital marketing strategies accordingly. Just remember that while it is important to keep these trends in perspective, it is just as important to experiment outside of the mainstream and start your own trends.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence or AI is poised to take over numerous industries, including digital marketing. AI is now being used by a number of major businesses to analyze consumer behavior and search patterns, with the use of information obtained from social media and blog posts. AI helps these businesses understand how users discover their products and services and how they can improve user experience.

The Top Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2019Chatbots are one popular example of this. Chatbots are programs that are designed to mimic human interaction through audio or text. They have come a long way since they were first developed in the 1960’s. Chatbots that are powered by AI today are becoming more and more effective at resolving complex concerns or requests as they are allowed to learn from customer conversations. Nevertheless, there is still a place for actual and real human interaction. For example, click here to find out how real human interactions are still king in the realm of website traffic.  

Voice Search

With Siri, Alexa, and other similar voice assistance, companies are rethinking their digital marketing strategies in order to integrate voice search. Research shows that 50 percent of all search will be voice searches by the year 2020. Currently, more than 20 percent of mobile searches on Google are voice searches. Clearly, this is a trend that is quickly making its impact on the digital marketing world.

As the capacity of personal assistant devices to recognize human speech is improving, tailoring SEO strategy for voice search is essential. This is critical, especially given the fact that personal assistants like Siri will only show a few results for a voice search, compared to the hundreds of pages of results that are usually shown by search engines. To find out how you can improve your traffic for voice queries, visit us.

Interactive Content

According to studies, an overwhelming number of content marketers claim that interactive content tends to gain more attention compared to static content. Interactive content refers to content that involves the participation of the site visitor. It is believed to be a better way to inform, interest, and draw in an audience, with some statistics asserting that interactive content converts buyers 70 percent of the time, compared to only 36 percent for traditional, passive content.

Some of the top kinds of interactive content include assessments, calculators, contests, quizzes, and interactive infographics. Quizzes, in particular, are favored by many websites and digital marketers because people like to share their results on their social media pages, thereby increasing visibility.

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Top Ten Marketing Hacks for Black Friday

Top Ten Marketing Hacks for Black Friday

For most businesses, Black Friday is the time of year where they make the highest number of sales and set themselves up for the rest of the holidays.

Marketing campaigns for Black Friday can help ensure that you make the most of the biggest shopping day of the year and meet your financial goals. To get people in the store on Black Friday, you need to utilize a number of different tactics that market your products in a way that will motivate potential customers.

1. Offer good deals and discounts competitive with other companies. Remember that lower prices will be compensated by brand recognition and also the sheer volume of sales on Black Friday.

2. Create a gift guide that includes your products on a blog or article

3. Use an email marketing campaign that advertises important discounts and Black Friday deals

4. Target customers with custom emails based on categories such as their buying behavior

5. Add bonus incentives such as small gifts with a purchase

6. Use hourly flash sales to offer a mass discount for an hour before the product goes back to its normal price.

7. Offer promo codes for people purchasing products online to save even more

8. Extend your sale to incorporate a few days before and after Black Friday

9. Add new products and give customers a holiday deal while keeping the store fresh

10. Use Black Friday hashtags on social media so people looking for deals will find your posts

These are just some ideas for Black Friday advertising that can help boost your sales. Making sure that people know about your deals is the most important thing so keep posting through all your social media channels and add seasonal elements to get people excited about your Black Friday event.

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How to Optimize Your Website for Voice Search

How to Optimize Your Website for Voice Search

Voice search is growing rapidly as a more popular option for finding information online and it not likely to slow down.

People prefer the easy hands-free option of voice search so it is crucial for marketers to consider these types of searches in the way that they approach optimization. It is possible for marketers to use SEO methods and other optimization tools to ensure that their company appears in the results of a voice search.

An important thing to keep in mind when optimizing is that the way people pose questions and use keywords with voice search is often very different than typing out a query. Understanding why and how voice search usually occurs can help you gain insight into the best ways to optimize. Specific voice queries may be more likely to be useful in directing people to your business in the results.

SEO professionals have been discovering new strategies to make use of voice search in a way that will boost a website’s rank. The ease with which people can ask questions on the go using voice search has made it beneficial for SEO marketers to get a website to appear more frequently. With voice search someone can quickly and easily find your business right when they are ready to make a purchase.

Differences in Voice Search

When people type in a search either on a computer or a phone they tend to use more succinct language. They might type in about one to three words that quickly identify the main information that they are searching for such as “Mexican restaurant LA”. With voice search it tends to be more conversational in tone since people don’t need to save time when typing and they often use more words and longer phrases.

A voice search might take the form of an actual question rather than just a couple of keywords such as “What is the best Mexican restaurant in LA?” Conversational phrases can be included in SEO strategies in order to get better results in voice search rather than focusing on short keywords.

Understanding the way that people use voice search and what takes place when it is used can help you come up with better optimization strategies.

Another aspect of voice search that makes it different from traditional searches is that it typically focuses on local results for specific items or places that people are looking for. When someone performs a voice search they often want to take immediate action because they are on the go or need to buy something. When typing a search into a computer the user is more often looking to read longer material and research a topic before they decide to make a purchase.

The type of content used to optimize voice search will work best if it is local and brief to help people make a quick decision to purchase from you. They often won’t be reading long articles or clicking through many different sites when using voice search so concise information that provides them a solution is the most effective. Reaching users when they are looking for local businesses can ensure that you are taking advantage of the possibilities of voice search.

Although traditional, computer-based searches are still important for optimization every marketer needs to familiarize themselves with voice search. If you are not optimizing for voice search then you are missing out on a great opportunity to reach customers who are looking for a business like yours. Balancing optimization for both voice search and typed searches can give you a more well-rounded marketing campaign.

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6 Reasons to Consider Using Podcasts to Grow Your Business – And How to Do It

6 Reasons to Consider Using Podcasts to Grow Your Business - And How to Do It

When most businesses launch, they usually have a strategy in mind – go the traditional awareness way and then, leverage social media.

Whenever they’ve exhausted all options and ask me what next to do though, I find out that many of them are yet to explore the sheer opportunities provided by podcasts. This is a very shocking development for many reasons.

For one, 49% of Americans (aged 12 and above) admit to knowing what a podcast is, and no less than 33% of them have listened to at least one before. The numbers get more interesting when you find out that some 65% of listeners have purchased something promoted on a podcast than elsewhere.

It is thus a wonder why marketers who spent a paltry $90 million in podcasts ads as at 2014 are now projected to spend more than $400 million by next year (2019).

But then, even if these podcasts are recording such amazing numbers, how do they help your business?

1. Higher Engagement Rates

The thing with other forms of marketing (website, Facebook, twitter, etc.) is that you have to always get in front of your audience with new content. That is not the same with podcasting as you can keep them engaged without their visiting your site at all.

Anytime you drop a new podcast, it is automatically downloaded to the consumer’s favorite device. Given that the average American spends 25% of their total audio time on podcasts too, that means better results for you.

2. Low Entry Barriers

Podcasting is one of those forms of outreach that you can start with little to no experience. People out there are podcasting just for the fun of it, and businesses are getting in on the trend too.

Software and hardware requirements are equally not overwhelming. You can even scale up as you go higher in your business.

If you still want things done professionally, you won’t have to break the bank. You can find a handful of good Phoenix sound mixers to help you take your podcast from an amateurish level to that professional audio output level you desire – in no time, and at not much cost.

3. Brand awareness

If I haven’t already mentioned this, podcasting is one of the most natural ways to drive quality organic traffic to your website. With the amount of engagement the platform brings, there is no doubt about it being one of the unique ways through which you can spread your brand awareness further.

Podcasts can also be shared on different distribution platforms. This allows you put your podcast onto more visible sharing platforms. From here, all roads lead to a greater brand visibility.

4. Passive Consumption

4 Passive Consumption

Have you ever thought about how busy your audience might be? Not all of them, but quite a handful of them?

These ones might not have the time or patience to browse through your website content or social media updates, but they can always consume your podcasts passively. That opens up a new market for you with such people, allowing you to break into their own space.

5. Highly Effective

All of these benefits of podcasts would mean nothing if they didn’t hold any promise for your business. That is why it is important to reiterate how 63% of podcast listeners claimed to have bought something that was advertised to them.

It is also important to note that up to 88% of all those who are subscribed to your podcasts will listen to everything you have to say. By everything, I mean every episode too.

I might be wrong, but tell me any other platform currently offering such an engagement rate.

6. Audience Availability

Every business needs an audience to survive.

On the iTunes podcasting section alone, there are more than 1 billion total subscribers within your reach. Castbox and Podcast Republic might not be as large, but they offer you some 5 million subscribers too. Yet another platform is Podbean which brings on board an addition 1 million subscriber market.

Considering how even the top three social media networks can’t add up to give you such numbers, it is not rocket science why podcasting should be atop your business marketing agenda.

Getting started with podcasting

Like I said earlier, getting into podcasting for your business is not capital intensive at all. However, I suggest getting it done right, even if it means bringing professionals into the loop.

The best place to start would be by looking around your neighborhood for such professionals.

There are a couple of great Phoenix podcast recording studios that you can book sessions with to get your audio content out there. These studios not only offer you state-of -the-art equipment to make your content delivery better, but guidance and direction too.

You would also want to look for a great sound mixer to ensure everything you say is as crisp as possible. Fact is, a sound mixer should come as part of the deal when you’ve landed a great recording studio already.


The numbers are there. The platform is there. The tools are there.

Now that you know just how important podcasts can be to your business, why wait? If you ask me, the best time to have started podcasting is yesterday.

The market is still fresh – break in and scale your brand better!

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Top 5 Live Streaming Solutions For Pros

Top 5 Live Streaming Solutions For Pros

2018 is not just an era of videos, but also a more urbane form of the same is popular these days – Live videos. From business and marketing perspective to career and entrepreneurship, live videos are ubiquitously offering the superlative ways to reach a wider audience base. The early adopters took no time to realize that a trending tech like video streaming solution would aid them to achieve a stable hold amongst their audience, ultimately enhancing their economy to the desired levels.

It is being keen-sighted as a chief tool to gain the attention of the impending prospects. Eminently, with a CAGR of 18.3%, the live video streaming has geared itself to grow its market from $30.3 billion (as recorded in 2016) to $70.5 billion in 2021(source).

Enterprise video streaming- growth in several verticals
Currently, the audience for entertainment (53%) majorly consumes the live streaming videos. However, there is no shortage of viewers in other spheres as well: Media (41%), Social Sharing (30%) and Sports events (29%). A recent utilization of live streaming solution by professionals in the education industry has led to an exploding growth of live streaming business in the current scenario.

The major reason for this escalation is the height of engagement offered by different live video streaming platforms in the market. They are continually fulfilling the audience’s desire to see real-time videos and interact with the presenter at the same time. By offering a seamless communication channel with the brands, the Enterprise video market will collectively reach the $41 billion mark by 2022.

What should you expect from a professional video streaming solution?
Being an individual broadcaster, you always have the scope for experiments, and you can try out live streaming on free platforms like Facebook Live or Periscope. However, while perusing live streaming as a profession or when streaming for a brand, you should favorably opt for professional grade solutions.

There are aspects that critically matter when you are a pro live streamer: security of the consumer data, level of personalization for your audience, features for seamless interaction and options to enhance brand visibility. You cannot expect a free platform to fulfill all these aspects on a professional stage.


Top live video streaming solutions


1. Vimeo Live
Vimeo introduced the live streaming capability to its platform after acquiring Livestream in 2017. It offers a professional grade live streaming solution where you can instantly start streaming using a video camera and an RTMP enabled encoder.

It offers some rich and powerful set of features like-

  • HD video quality for streaming.
  • White label service for a high-level adaptation to your brand.
  • High level of customization options for unbroken presentation.
  • Adaptive bitrate for seamless broadcast across devices and internet speed.
  • Free studio encoding software for advanced capabilities like multi-camera switching.

The entry-level pricing for Vimeo Live starts at $75 per month. You can upgrade the plan to Enterprise package ($999/month) that offers advanced features like Advanced Content Access Controls, Dedicated Account Manager, Dedicated Event Support, Branded OTT Apps, and Pay-per-view & Subscriptions.


2. Brightcove
Brightcove has been designed to not just offer a platform for live broadcast but also to focus on video marketing with advanced ways of monetization.

It comes with professional-level features that include-

  • Video library management.
  • Server-side ad insertion and analytics for monetization.
  • HTML5 video player for seamless streaming on mobile devices.
  • Cloud transcoding for unbroken adaptation across different devices.
  • CRM integrations for enterprise level streaming management.

The base pricing starts at $199/month. It offers basic video marketing tools and analytics. However, you can switch to Enterprise communication pack at $499/month that offers advanced security features with unlimited viewers onboard.


3. StreamNow
StreamHash started its turnkey live video streaming solution, StreamNow, in 2017. The brand primarily specializes in offering innovative tech in video streaming sphere, helping businesses to get their OTT services up and live instantly. StreamNow is an exceedingly scalable streaming software that offers all the necessities for professional broadcasters. It is a perfect tool for entry-level broadcasters with less technical expertise.

It offers-

  • Multiple monetization options for the live streams.
  • You can also host demand videos with host-you-own server product.
  • White label custom branding for a complete adaption to your brand.
  • Easy to use dashboard for seamless management of videos and streaming.
  • Sophisticated tools for customization and interaction during the live streams.

It comes with an aggressive pricing and just a one-time cost with free upgrades and maintenance. You can own the solution with the ‘Deluxe’ plan at $499 and ‘Ultimate’ plan at $999, which also offers mobile streaming on iOS and Android devices.


4. JW player
Began as a video player, JW player has extended the features to support live streaming. With its instant hosting, you quickly stream live events to your audience on any device. It offers a steady viewing capability to users across the platforms supporting HTML5 as well as Flash.

Its features mainly include-

  • Online video platform with both hosting and streaming capabilities.
  • Adaptive streaming for playback across device and internet bandwidth.
  • Video advertising platform and ad integration.
  • Easy analytics tools to track video performance.
  • Features to spawn custom “watch next” recommendations.

Its premium plans start as low as $50/month offering live streaming and hosting for around 1,500 videos and 150,000 sessions. It also stretches its plans to ‘custom enterprise plans’ for corresponding prices.


5. Bambuser
The Sweden-based live streaming service allows users to create, manage and share live video streams through a centralized dashboard. You can also categorize and store videos for later use, or can instantly host them through RTMP or SDI. It mainly focuses on easy integration, user-friendly tools and uninterrupted streaming with the minimal maintenance and infrastructure required.

It offers the features like-

  • Built-in Analytics for video performance tracking
  • Multi-platform broadcast SDK
  • Internal dashboard for content management
  • Local parallel recording for retaining the videos after stream.
  • Managed delivery via CDN network
  • Mobile apps for media content uploads

The base package costs $39/month. You can use top-ups for more options and extended viewer limits with additional cost.
The medium package is available at $499/month
You can get the large package at $899/month.

PS: Bambuser is at the verge of being replaced by an exclusive mobile streaming solution, Iris, available at $599/month.

Depending on your business’ requirements, the viewer base target, storage, affordability and additional customization options catering to your audience, you can choose among the options as mentioned above.

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Is Your Content Dying to Be Engaged?

Is Your Content Dying to Be Engaged?

One of the the key elements that marketers focus on is creating high quality content that will keep people interested in their brand. But another crucial factor in marketing success is also getting higher levels of engagement on your content. How do you get more users to interact with and respond to the content that you share?

The content that you write for blogs or post on social media can get more comments, likes and shares if you think of angles that will make people feel involved. This could mean writing about debatable topics or asking for users opinions about things so that they are more likely to chime in. You can ask a question, have people compare two options or open up a friendly non-offensive discussion.

Another strategy to take in order to increase engagement is to use relatable humor, surprising facts or interesting stories to get people to respond to your posts. Content that has these qualities tends to get shared more often because users are hoping to get others to respond. It is a good idea to know your audience and what type of humor or stories will be relatable and interesting to them.

Appealing graphics and images are also a simple way to attract more attention and encourage more engagement with your content. If you are posting a blog then incorporating some infographics, screenshots or images of your products can help illustrate the topic you are discussing. Social media posts with colorful and attractive images tend to get more attention and engagement from followers.

Video can be just as effective a tool as images so make sure to incorporate some short video clips on your blog or social media profile. Using a variety of different strategies to increase engagement can lead to building more popular content online.

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Which Website Builder is Right for Me?

Which Website Builder is Right for Me?

There are plenty of different tools available to help people create their own websites without having to have any special coding knowledge. The most commonly used options are WordPress, Squarespace, Wix or Weebly which all offer options for creating a custom site. But how do you know which one will work best for the type of website you want to design?

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a website builder is what you are willing to spend in order to make your site. There are plenty of cheap or even free options for creating a site but they may not as secure, easy to use or have as many design capabilities. For personal blogs or a freelance type of business like photography, a cheap or free option like Squarespace may be the best choice.

For a small but more established business, most people choose WordPress because it is very user friendly, has many more design options to create a unique site and it is also more search engine friendly. It is a little more costly than other options but it offers many benefits that small businesses tend to prefer if they want more professional looking website. Because of its wider spectrum of design capabilities, WordPress sites are easier to customize and create the exact look and function that you want.

For someone looking to create just a basic website that they can use Squarespace for free or upgrade to the business plan for a small monthly fee. Wix and Weebly have very cheap basic options as well. The cost of creating your website will depend on the type of services you need as you choose from the different plans available.

Anyone can create their own website but finding the right builder depends mainly on your individual business needs and your site budget.

Matt Ramage is founder of Emarketed a web marketing agency located in Los Angeles. He loves coffee, good design, and helping businesses improve their look and getting found on the Internet.

Getting Started with Micro-Video Content Creation

Getting Started with Micro-Video Content Creation

Video marketing has become a more integral part of a business’ overall advertising strategy as the popularity of video continues to grow online. People tend to seek out video to find information and also remember video more easily than other types of content. Powerful companies are now using micro-video content to engage users and increase brand recognition.

A micro-video is a essentially a short video clip aimed at retaining people’s attention by keeping the content brief. A micro-video might only be about 15-30 seconds long but contains valuable marketing information that the user is more likely to remember. People will usually watch the whole video, understand the message and be more inclined to engage with your business.

When it comes to creating micro-video content it is important to have a goal in mind such as brand awareness, customer retention or increasing engagement. You can then choose a type of video that will help you reach your goal such as GIF, animated video or simply a short clip. GIFs can be effective for creating something humorous or showcasing products with an eye-catching animation of them.

A video with real footage may be useful in introducing a new product and including important information about it that you want to share. For a real video clip you need to write a script if you plan to have narration or dialogue. In some cases you may just want to use background music along with compelling images and text.

Make sure to use some good quality equipment for your video including a nice camera and audio recording tools. A better quality video is likely to get more engagement especially if it has high quality audio rather than a smartphone microphone. Once you have shot, edited and uploaded your micro-video you can post and promote it on social media where you will start to see more engagement.

Matt Ramage is founder of Emarketed a web marketing agency located in Los Angeles. He loves coffee, good design, and helping businesses improve their look and getting found on the Internet.