How to Ask Customers for Reviews

Just the thought that customers can leave public reviews for your business can be downright nerve-racking. But in today’s online marketing world, reviews are becoming a more important part of your business’ web presence. Just take a look at our previous post to see how search engines are putting more weight on customer reviews.

Here are a few ways you can ask for more customer reviews:

1) Ask your customers: Do it the old-fashioned way and ask for a review. Check out this example of how you can guide customers to leave a review. All it takes is a small card with easy-to-follow instructions.

A follow-up email will also suffice and you’ll probably see this a lot with e-commerce stores and online retailers who ask for your review of a product a few days after you’ve received the item.

2) Don’t ask your customers: Contradictory to our last piece of advice, it might be a good idea to not directly ask customers for advice. Read it here on Yelp’s official blog.

Instead, you might want to use language that seems less desperate and aggressive than, “PLEASE LEAVE US A GOOD REVIEW, NOW!!!”. Ask Yelp suggests, you can instead ask customers to “visit”, “find”, or “check out” your business on the review site.

This depends on which review site you’re using, as most discourage explicitly asking for good reviews. But reviews are a good way to showcase user-generated content on your website.

3) Make it easy for customers to find your listings on review sites: It’s a good idea to have one location on your website where customers can find all the official listings to your business.

This can help businesses that have multiple listings, unofficial/unclaimed listings and listings with incorrect information. The last thing you want to have is a good review on the wrong listing.

4) Give customers a template to fill out:: While online review sites might have strict policies for filtering reviews, you can still use good ones to your advantage by putting them on your website.

You can send customers some questions to fill out such as: what did you think of our service? how did you find out business? what are some things we can improve on? and would you recommend us to family and friends? This information can be used internally to improve your service and customer relations.

Customers and clients may also send thank you cards or notes and you can always use them on your website, with permission of course! Showcasing hand-written notes is a creative and easy way to showcase your business’ personal side.

The thought of customer reviews can be scary. But you’re hurting your business if you’re putting off the process and making it more difficult for customers to leave a review. Make sure to comment and let us know what you think or continue this conversation on Facebook!

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