5 Ways to Show Your Customers Some Love

In honor of the upcoming holiday of love, Valentine’s Day, we present 5 ways to show customers some love. Nothing keeps customers coming back like showing them that you care! But remember, this isn’t something that you should feel obliged to do just one day out of the whole year. Part of your everyday business goal should be to make customers feel special and give them a reason to continue using your products or services.


1) Communicate – Just like any other relationship, there should be a two way channel of communication. Interacting with customers means responding to comments and reviews, positive or negative. Interaction on social media can help customers feel more connected to your business and give them more incentive to stay loyal.

2) Give a Shoutout – Customers love a good shoutout. Facebook is a great way to showcase customers, whether you randomly choose a person through a drawing or specially select a person for something like a Customer of the Month spotlight. Not only is this a great way to show customers that you care, but it can also help with your social media efforts by way of positive brand association, shares, mentions and more.

3) Everyone Likes Free Stuff – Giveaways are a great way to reward customers and there are many ways you can do this. Whether it’s a solitary giveaway on social media or freebies with each order, it’s a great way to keep customers coming back. Here are some examples:

– Get a free sandwich after your 10th purchase
– Get a free t-shirt with a purchase of $100 or more
– Get 3 free product samples with every order
– Get 1 month of service free with the purchase of 6 months

Discounts are great from a customer’s point of view. But depending on your business, it can cheapen or dilute your products and services. Customers may feel like the “regular” price is not worth it because they were give a discount before. Instead, giving away something for free can add value to your products and services.

4) Reward Loyalty – This goes with the previous item but with something more. For example, all types of businesses (banks, internet, daily deal sites) will give monetary incentive if you can get friends or family members to join. In addition, you can go a step further and make customers feel like they’re really part of your family. Some examples include:

– Getting something free or discounted on your birthday
– Getting exclusive access to something (wifi, sales before the general public, special seats at en event, etc.)

In short, make your customers feel like they are VIP.

5) Give Them Thanks – Something as simple as saying THANK YOU, goes a long way. After all, customers have so many different choices and they chose your business! Why not make them feel extra special? From a business perspective, this is very doable with automated tools or email blasts. This also gives your business the opportunity to solicit honest feedback or ask (or subtly suggest) that customers leave good reviews. Definitely a win-win.

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