5 Ways to Make Your Blog Better

Blogging and other forms of content creation doesn’t always come easily. It’s hard enough when writer’s block attacks and your posts feel a dry spell. Besides consistently and actively trying to create quality content, there are some other technical aspects of blogging that you should also keep in mind:

1) Optimize for Mobile Devices: Mobile is the future, we get that. But do you really understand the importance of having a mobile-friendly blog? 87% of American adults own a cell phone and 29% of Americans say their phone is the first and last thing they look at every day. (Check out more stats here.)

Using WordPress, Tumblr or a custom CMS, makes it easy for mobile users to land on the mobile version of your blog. Where necessary, it’s also helpful if you let visitors go to the desktop version of your site if they need to.

2) Interlink On and Off-site: Linking naturally within related blog posts is a great way to keep readers on site. Linking to other relevant, authoritative sites shows that you’re providing helpful information. Often times, people are afraid to “link out” but this is a natural part of writing and sharing quality content. The only problem comes when you go overboard on the amount of links and anchor text used. Nobody likes to read keyword-stuffed content, it’s 2013!

3) Integrate Social Media: This doesn’t mean just auto-posting to Twitter and Facebook. The next “wave” of social networking sites are Pinterest, Instagram, Vine and others. The benefits to using these social networking sites is their ease of use and casual it can be just to be active. The content is fast, easy and fun to digest.

Even if you’re sticking with the basic sites like Twitter, there are new features that you can use such as embedding Tweets and even conversations.

4) Optimize Images: Learn from those who do it best. Sites like Gawker, Jezebel and other celebrity gossip sites thrive on bringing the “best” celebrity pics and candids. But these things don’t just happen out of nowhere. Their success comes from proper optimization, labeling and use within content… not to mention saving and compressing the right files so that load times aren’t driving visitors away.

5) Don’t be Afraid of Tools: When used correctly, the right tools can help you in the pre and post stages of writing your content. Keeping a writing calendar can help you stay on track and not fall behind on updating your blog. Tools like Evernote are extremely helpful in keeping notes so that you can capture the moment when inspiration or an idea pops into your head.

If you’re feeling especially lazy or uncreative, Zemanta can help suggest relevant content and pictures. And for getting read to publish, WordPress tools like Yoast’s SEO plugin helps you be more efficient in optimizing your posts. Ta da, just like magic!

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