4 Reasons to Hire an SEO Firm

As a small business, you may be considering benefits and thinking about why you should hire an SEO company. Even medium and large business can tremendously benefit from working with a credible search engine marketing company.


If you’ve thinking about it, here are a few good reasons to finally go through with that decision!

1) More time to focus on your business – Having an SEO team dedicated to optimizing your website means that you have more time to grow your business. Unless you’re a marketing company, you didn’t get in the business to just monitor your website! When you hire an online marketing company, they can help you keep an eye on your website’s traffic and rankings while you focus on your goods/ services and customer relationships.

2) Get a different set of eyes and opinions – Whether your site was built 5 years ago and left alone or if you’ve been doing your own SEO, hiring an outside company will always help you get a second opinion. Staring at your site all day long can blind you from its flaws and improvements that can be made. SEO experts can also help you with technical problems with canonicalization?, coding/programming, pagination and more.

If you’ve been trying to deal with recovery from Penguin or Penguin and it doesn’t seem to be working, you may need a different approach… which is where a specialized SEM company can help.

3) Set long term goals – Investing in your website now means that you’re preparing yourself for the future. Although we don’t recommend that you put all your eggs into just ONE basket (SEO, content, social media, paid search), restructuring and reworking what you do have will help stabilize your rankings in the future. It’s important to ask questions and make sure that the SEO company you hire practices white hat strategies and is completely transparent about the work that they’ll be doing for you.

4) Get more in touch with competitor tactics – If you’re not doing SEO in a competitive industry, it’s a good bet that your biggest competitors are. Even in niche or smaller industries, starting early can help you gain traction compared to other competitors who have not yet gotten started.

Sometimes, you might see a competitor who is always ranking well and see that they’ve spend time and money for years to get to the position that they now have. It’s pretty unrealistic to expect that you can get the same results without putting the time and/or effort into proper on and off-page optimization. At the same time, a reputable SEO company can also investigate competitors and see what types of tactics they’re pursuing. This might lead to analysis and adopting some practices but not copying competitors completely. You might be surprised to find competitors who have been practicing black hat SEO, but don’t expect them to get away with it for much longer!

Hiring an SEO company is a smart decision for your business. Even if you don’t like the idea of it, it’s a helpful start to get some training and education so that you’re more aware of what exactly goes into an online marketing campaign. Are you interested in a free site analysis? Call us today at (323) 340-4010 for a free consultation.

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