The Top Instagram Bots for Gaining Followers in 2019

The Top Instagram Bots for Gaining Followers in 2019

Once a new year starts, many opportunities rise and shine as well. In the social media world, where Instagram bots which help you gather more Instagram followers are one of the most useful tools, everything is possible. The good news is that, unlike 2018, which has been a rather turbulent year for the Instagram bot industry, 2019 seems a more prolific year for Instagram lovers out there. Check out our top Instagram bots for gaining followers in 2019 and choose the one that suits your needs best.

The Top Instagram Bots for Gaining Followers in 2019

1. Social Steeze

You get the chance to grow your account with this amazing Instagram bot called Social Steeze. You might really like this one, as it is one of the few tools which do not rely on buying your followers, but build your audience through their engagement service. It might not be the fastest way to reach a huge audience at once, but it is definitely steady. Affordable, trustworthy and reliable, this tool will allow you to create genuine marketing for your page.

2. LikeSocial

Another useful tool is LikeSocial- a great option if you are in a hurry to gather as much audience as possible fast and easily. If you’re not among the ones patient enough to brand up slowly and want fast results, this might be the perfect tool for you. Not only will you obtain fast followers, but you will also receive likes, which is desirable if you want to become popular and get fast engagement. You can also enjoy automatic views of your Instagram, all these packed atractively at a fair price.

3. Follow Adder

Instagram lovers say that Follow Adder is currently the best Instagram bot on the market. In some respect, they might be right, as this bot has the ability to manage both Youtube and Instagram accounts and we all know how important these are if you want to be an influencer. It saves time while engaging with relevant pages and searching hashtags associated with your page and because of these and a lot more, you will not be able to resist purchasing it.

4. RiseSocial

Another way yo gain followers easily is by using RiseSocial. As the name already suggests it, this Instagram growth service will provide you the right help as to be able to manage your page better and enjoy popularity faster- all these at a rather fair price

5. FollowingLike

This one might not be the best bot on the market, but it’s for sure useful. Flexible and smart, it allow you to manage multiple social media accounts at once: Instagram, Tumbler, Twitter, Pinterest are only some of them. Enriched with many features, this bot was designed to make your page more popular over night and help you promote your services faster and successfully.

With such great help offered by Instagram bots, you do not have to worry about anything regarding your popularity. It’s all set to go well if you choose the one adapted to your needs and wishes.

Is Your Website Accessible?

Is Your Website Accessible?

Making your website easy to use and accessible for everyone is crucial not only from a marketing standpoint but also as a way to meet online standards. New rules for accessibility known as WCAG 2.0 are approved by top web developers and the guidelines can help you ensure that your site is up to date. Understanding accessibility standards and how to meet those requirements is critical to create the best possible user experience.

Websites need to be accessible for everyone, especially for those with disabilities. The WCAG 2.0 presents guidelines on how to present web content that will be easy for everyone to use. Having an accessible website is not only beneficial for your brand but it will help you stay compliant with ADA standards and avoid a potential lawsuit.

You can make your website more accessible through certain tactics such as more description alt tags for graphics and audio descriptions of videos to help those with vision problems. Closed captions are also very important for all of your videos so they can be accessible to the hearing-impaired. Other tactics such as text descriptions for hyperlinks, html tags to describe forms and controls and text-based formats for documents can help make your site accessible through audio.

For all aspects of your website you need to consider how to make it accessible those using screen reader software programs. Adding descriptions of images, links and buttons will mean that the visually impaired will be aware of all the information contained on your site. Using text for all audio and captions for video can ensure that no one will miss out on any of your content.

An accessible website not only keeps you within legal standards it is also very positive for your brand and allows more users to take advantage of your site.

Do-It-Your-Self UX Site Audit

Do-It-Your-Self UX Site Audit

At some point, every business needs to do a UX audit of their site to make sure that everything is running properly and resolve any issues that come up. Although an audit might seem expensive and time-consuming, it is actually possible to take care of it yourself and minimize the amount of money and time you spend on the process. Audits can be an important aspect of website upkeep and also a quick way to increase efficiency that can ultimately lead to more sales.

A UX audit is basically an assessment of your business’ website and helps determine if there are any flaws on it that will affect the user experience. Before starting an audit it can be helpful to consider the purpose of the website and what you hope to achieve. Knowing what your goal is can help pinpoint problems that might be preventing your website from serving its overall purpose.

To perform the audit you can ask someone outside of the company to browse the site and follow a few guidelines so that you have an unbiased view of what a typical customer might see. The person performing the audit can click through to each page and view each part for at least five seconds. They can then decide whether they feel the site is inviting, user friendly and clear enough for the shopper to understand what they sell and how to buy their products.

You can also provide the auditor with a list of scenarios to help you figure out how easy it is for users to find specific parts of your website and perform tasks. If there is any missing information or if load time is too slow, these will be issues you need to fix to improve usability. A DIY UX audit can be an easy and more affordable way to gain valuable information so that you can resolve problems on your website and create a better experience for users.

What You Should be Doing on LinkedIn


What You Should be Doing on LinkedinLinkedIn can be a powerful tool to network, reach a highly targeted audience and get people familiar with your brand. For most marketers, their LinkedIn strategy may not be as up to date as their other social media campaigns on Facebook or Instagram. Although you might focus more of your energy on other platforms, spending time growing your network on LinkedIn can be a great outlet for reaching more users.

In order to have a growing audience on LinkedIn you need to maintain your presence on the site instead of updating it only occasionally. Creating a consistent posting schedule of at least once a month can help increase followers six times faster. Once you have a substantial following you will get a significant amount of more page views from your existing followers and are more likely to see increased engagement.

LinkedIn is all about networking and connecting with other people in similar industries. The same applies for businesses that are using LinkedIn for marketing. To connect with more people and increase followers you should start joining groups and engaging with others on LinkedIn. You can answer people’s questions or collaborate with people so that they get to know a little about your company and what you do.

You should also make sure to revamp your profile and keep it up to date in case it was something you created some time ago. Use catchy headlines and descriptions that showcase your brand while making it clear right away what you can offer. A completed profile with a brand logo will make your page seem more legitimate and professional for people that are discovering you for the first time.

The most important part of LinkedIn is simply staying involved, continuing to post and engaging with people as often as possible.

Copywriting Tips for 2019 Online Marketing

Copywriting Tips for 2019 Online Marketing

With all of your marketing efforts through social media, SEO, and other strategies one of the most important things to focus on is having great content. Writing high quality content that people find interesting, relevant and useful to them will naturally help boost your marketing campaigns. Copywriting that works most effectively will be both appealing to the reader and help you rank well for search engine bots.

One key element for copywriting is knowing your audience and the type of content that they will want to read. Thinking about your audience helps you come up with the right topics, tone and subject matter that will be something that resonates completely with them. Consider your audiences goals, desires, fears and the things they want to learn to improve their lives.

You should also try to create engaging and attention grabbing headlines and introductions that will keep your audience reading. Certain phrases may work to get people interested or make them feel compelled to read such as “reasons why”, “things you need to know” etc. Your introduction should also help convince them that you are going to answer their questions and give them the information they need if they keep reading.

The visual appearance of your content can also have an impact on readers and prevent them from clicking away. Breaking up content into smaller sections or adding bullet points and lists can make things appear more readable and less dense to those who are skimming for information. Adding certain media like photos, videos and gifs can also make your content look more appealing and engaging to readers.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that your content needs to provide some real information. Readers who are searching the internet for answers will want to engage with content that meets their needs and addresses their questions directly.

5 Reasons Your Google Ads Aren’t Getting Results

5 Reasons Your Google Ads Aren’t Getting Results

With paid ads most marketers expect guaranteed results but unfortunately this isn’t always the case. Some businesses struggle with low conversion rates from their Google Ads or their ad doesn’t show up in search results because they made a simple mistake. Drivings sales with paids ads isn’t always a simple fix but there are ways to make sure you get more results from Google ads.

1. Disapproved Ads or Keywords
Once you create a Google ad, it goes through an approval process before it becomes active. Many businesses are not aware that their ads have been disapproved or have limited approval because of some issue with Google’s advertising policies.

2. Poor Ad Scheduling
If you don’t set a specific schedule for your Ad to run it can automatically run at all hours of the day which usually leads to low impressions. Targeting your ads at the right time of day can ensure that your audience is seeing them when they are more likely to be searching.

3. Poor Location Targeting
If you haven’t set up your location targeting properly you may be getting low results or your ads may not even show. Your targeting should not be too narrow but it needs to be set to where your target audience is searching.

4. Your Landing Page Doesn’t Match
If your ads are showing but you have low conversion rates it could be due to your landing page. When customers click on the ad they need to be directed to a landing page that matches the specific keywords.

5. Negative Keywords or Low Bids
Marketers creating negative keyword lists often will accidentally match negative keywords with targeted keywords which prevents the ad from running. Keyword bids that are too low can also mean the ad won’t run.

Reddit Drives Huge Traffic- Are You On It?

Reddit Drives Huge Traffic- Are You On It?

Most marketers focus their energy on apps like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat but they may not be familiar with other platforms that are quickly growing in popularity. Sites like Reddit are becoming more important for the online community as users consume hours of content on the app. Reddit can seem different and confusing at first for marketers who have never used it before but it can be great for highly targeted content to reach a bigger audience.

Reddit is a highly customized experience created by a very engaged online community but marketers haven’t yet fully embraced its potential. Businesses that are able to become part of the community and add value to it will start to see major benefits including increased traffic, a more recognizable brand, a way to showcase and test new products, and being able to reach your audience based on their interests. The customization on Reddit can help you connect to a niche audience and reach the people who will be the most interested in buying your products.

A recent report revealed the extensive reach of Reddit which has grown rapidly to reach around 1.4 billion views per month. The platform was recently redesigned which also helped increase video views, posts and engagement with users. After all of this growth, Reddit is now the number 3 site in the U.S. and number 7 globally.

Engaging with people on Reddit can lead to new followers and a major traffic increase to both your Reddit page and your company’s website. Reddit users like to engage with posts and interact with the things that interest them. If your company creates relevant and interesting content then you can start to see huge increases in your engagement, overall traffic and sales through your web page.

Quick SEO Tips for Videos

Quick SEO Tips for Videos

Marketers are turning more and more to video content to reach their audiences online because people consume videos more than any other type of content. If you are creating YouTube videos but are not able to get your content to show up in a search engine then certain SEO strategies can help improve your rank. Using SEO for videos can help grow your channel and increase views for your YouTube content.

Using Keyword Research– Knowing the right keywords to use can help you reach more people and get your video seen. You can start by making a long list of potential keywords and finding out which ones appear the most in YouTube’s suggest feature. Suggested keywords are the ones that people type most often into YouTube so they can be especially useful for SEO.

Create Quality Content with High Retention- Getting your website to rank better means having viewers who tend to watch the video all the way through. Audience retention should be as close to 100 percent as possible in order to have your video show up in YouTube search results. Your videos should contain useful information or remain entertaining throughout the whole clip so that viewers are more likely to watch until the end.

Include Keywords in Video Content and Titles- When you have an idea of which keywords will be the most effective it can be helpful to actually say those keywords in your video. YouTube will recognize the words in the audio and incorporate that into their ranking. Also make sure to use keywords in the title of the video and the description to get an even bigger boost in your rank.

Creating good quality YouTube content with the right keywords is the best way to get better ranking and more consistent views for your videos online.

What are Your Content KPIs?

What are Your Content KPIs?

Marketers need to be able to create quality content that not only reflects their brand well but also gets real results. It is important to be able to measure the success of your content through your KPIs or key performance indicators. Having KPIs in place will give you some measurable values of how effectively your company is achieving your top objectives in marketing campaigns.

Establishing KPIs starts with clearly defining what your business goals are on a strategic and logistical level. When you have a list of goals it can help you consider how certain metrics or KPIs tie into that goal and how much your performance should reflect your success. You should be able to keep track of your business goals and KPIs so that you know the scope of your marketing campaign.

When you consider KPIs for your marketing campaign you can choose different metrics that you think will best determine the results of your content. They could include measurable changes such as traffic volume, engagement, content effectiveness or resolving audience needs. If one of your business goals is to reach more people, then traffic volume and engagement will be important KPIs to track with your content.

Using analytics to measure KPIs will be crucial throughout the course of your marketing campaign. As you receive data from your content you can be creative in translating it so that you are able to apply your insights in different ways to adjust and improve your content. KPIs can help you come up with new ideas to create content that you think will get better results.

The most important thing about KPIs is to take action and use them as a way to make progress in your marketing so that you are able to reach more goals with the content you create.

2019 Latest Instagram Features

2019 Latest Instagram Features

Social media sites like Instagram are constantly updating their features to keep content fresh and exciting for users. It is important for businesses to stay up to date on all the latest features that Instagram provides so that they know how to reach people and stay relevant online. Social media continues to change at a rapid pace and new features can give you unique opportunities to promote your brand and keep people interested.

One of the new features that can be especially useful for businesses is the ability to automatically schedule Instagram posts. This means you can use your profile to schedule a post at the time when your audience is more likely to see it and you won’t have to wait to get it set up. Scheduling posts can help save time and allow you to get better results from perfectly timed content.

Another promising feature is the ability to add clickable hyperlinks to your profile including usernames and hashtags. This can help you direct users to another page or allow them see more content related to your business by clicking on a hashtag. Upgrading your profile with more links can help you get traffic to other places and represent your brand.

One of the most exciting new features for businesses is the addition of shoppable posts which will now be available to all Instagram business accounts. A shoppable post means that users will be able to click on a particular product featured in a photo and be redirected to your main website where they can purchase the product. Shoppable posts tag products with a brief description and the price so that users can easily click through and purchase something.

These are just some of the useful new features available on Instagram this year that will be especially beneficial to businesses.