Bing Marketing Strategy

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Even though most marketers focus a lot of their advertising campaigns on Google as their main source of traffic, there is no reason to ignore other options which could bring in additional streams of revenue. Bing is a search engine that has a lot of similar features to Google and its own unique sources of traffic that can provide another boost to your website. In fact, Bing has over 30% of the search market share and 5 billion monthly searches so it is worth your time to add it to your marketing plan.

Like Google, Bing will include local search results, video, images, and map results that could be useful in showcasing your own business as a local solution to what users are searching for. One of the benefits of Bing is that it also has a very strong social media component and will show a person or business’ Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and blogs when you search for them and can pull information from each of these websites in the results. This feature of Bing is appealing to a lot of businesses who have also strong social media marketing campaigns going on as they optimize through the search engine. It's important to have a comprehensive Bing marketing strategy and this guide covers all the necessary aspects.

Bing Marketing Strategy

How to Advertise on Bing

There are a few different ways to get your website found on Bing including optimizing, using the site’s Webmaster Tools, Bing Places for business or paid advertisements through Bing Ads. Using a few of these options can help you increase your rank or get your site seen at the top of user’s search results when users type in certain keywords. The advertising techniques that you might use on Bing are similar to Google but you will open your business up to a whole new audience with this search engine. It may actually be easier to see quick results from your marketing efforts on Bing because it is a smaller market with less competition, allowing you to see better ad positions at a lower cost. Once you get started with optimizing your site for Bing and taking advantage of marketing tools that the search engine offers businesses you will see immediate benefits.

Using Bing for Business

Bing offers some helpful tools and options for businesses to optimize their website for the search engine and become more visible to users. They offer a comprehensive Webmaster guide to help businesses figure out the best way to get their website seen on Bing. On this guide they note the most important ways to optimize a site for Bing including getting indexed, having quality content, building links, having more social shares and fixing technical issues. Looking through this guide can give businesses a better idea of how Bing ranks sites in the results and what you can do to improve your website uniquely for the search engine. Businesses can also review what rules and practices they follow regarding SEO so you can avoid any issues if you choose some optimization techniques. Bing also offers a way to list your business and have it included in local search result which can be another great way to improve organic results.

Using Bing for Business

Creating a Bing Business Listing

As part of your marketing strategy on Bing, you might consider taking advantage of having a business listing because it will help bring local users to your site. Bing Places is similar to what Google offers in terms of listing a business with a physical location for internet users to find. There is a lot of potential in using a tool like Bing Places because it can both raise your visibility and also allow you to enhance your public image by including content like photos, videos or reviews. It is relatively simple and free to register your business on Bing Places but you will need a Microsoft account or you will have to create one from the registration interface. You can then claim your listing and complete the profile page including information about the location, business hours and services provided. Once you verify your business it will show up on the map that Bing lists as part of the search results for certain keywords making it easy for people to find.

Designing a Bing SEO Strategy

Even though you might have an existing SEO strategy that you use for Google that does not necessarily mean your website will do well on other search engines. It is important to have a unique optimization strategy created specifically for Bing so that you will be able to use it for new business opportunities. For your Bing SEO it is important have quality links and use the right keywords making sure to incorporate terms based on geographic locations for better local results. With Bing it is better to use exact keywords since it doesn’t recognize synonyms as well as Google within your content. One of the unique things about Bing is that the search engine is better at crawling and understanding flash websites so you might get a better ranking if your site uses flash. To start with you can submit your website to Bing so it can be indexed, make sure that you meet the technical requirements, have quality content and use straightforward keywords with title tags.

Designing a Bing SEO Strategy

Paid Ads with Bing PPC

If you think that organic optimization will not be enough and you want to incorporate paid ads into your marketing plan then you can use Bing Ads to get more immediate results. Bing Ads is the advertising platform that allows you to place ads both on Bing and Yahoo because they are partnered search engines. Paid ads will appear at the top of search results and will look identical to normal results aside from some small text saying “ad” on the side as it does with Google. These are pay per click ads meaning that companies will bid on specific keywords and Bing only gets paid when users click on the ad. As with most pay per click ads, you should make sure to bid on keywords that are most relevant to your website because Bing wants ads to be useful to the person searching. You also need a landing page that is directly related to the keyword so that users can quickly view exactly what they want. With paid ads, whenever people using Bing for purchasing decisions they will be able to find you right away.

The Benefits of a Bing Keyword Tool

Whether you are using organic optimization strategies or are planning to invest in pay per click ads, it is a good idea to research what keywords to use so that you can get the best results. A keyword tool is a way to find suggestions for keywords that will work well for your industry and are searched for the most often. Keyword research using a Bing keyword tool can provide you with a solid foundation on which to build your advertising campaign. This type of tool allows you to see the actual keywords that people are searching for on Bing and you can group and organize them according to categories. A keyword tool can also help you analyze which search terms lead to the most conversion rates or find negative keywords that are not worth the cost or create irrelevant impressions. Researching keywords, especially prior to making paid ads is crucial because some keywords may not perform as well as you think and end up being wasteful.

How to Incorporate Bing Merchant Center

Aside from SEO and pay per click ads, you can also list your products using the Bing Merchant Center as a way to display information about the items you sell online. The merchant center allows you to set up a Bing Shopping Campaign where you can create a catalog of your products and they will appear at the top of the results page and include a photo, description, price listing, and they encourage shoppers to make an order. This set up is very similar to Google Shopping, another marketing tactic that allows businesses to place product ads in search results so that users can make a quick decision about purchasing products. Before you begin posting products you must first create a Bing Merchant Store which is available within Bing Ads and takes up to 5 days to validate. Once you have your merchant store set up you can fill in your product catalog and add attributes which will act as a detailed description of the items you are selling.

How to Incorporate Bing Merchant Center

Reasons to Use Bing Product Ads

Once you have your products catalogued in the merchant center then you can have product ads listed whenever users search for certain keywords. Product ads can often lead to a higher conversion rate because it lets users immediately see the image, price and description making it easier to for them to be informed enough to potentially buy the product. It also is a chance for businesses to reach new shoppers because it attracts more attention in the search engine results than straightforward text. Bing Shopping campaigns also make it possible to target products more precisely so you can improve the distribution of your products. When using Bing Shopping you can analyze performance data from your campaigns in a detailed report so you know which product ads are performing well in terms of clicks and impressions. Using product ads on Bing you are likely to see more traffic and better conversion rates for popular products over time.

Bing Local Business Marketing

If you are local, relatively small business that is just starting out with marketing then Bing can be a good starting point for your ads. Because Bing is smaller you will have less competition and might be able to see some faster results especially in having a higher rank in search results. Bing continues to grow and expand its reach all the time so it can be a good strategy to become more established on the search engine now instead of relying solely on Google. It is also beneficial to have a variety of different marketing campaigns going on simultaneously especially if you are a local business looking to make a name for yourself. One of the advantages of marketing with the search engine is that Facebook’s web search is powered by Bing and many internet users rely on sites like Facebook and YouTube instead of conventional search engines. For a local business Bing can offer a lot of potential to reach their target audience and see more traffic from a varied marketing campaign.

Get Started with a Bing Adwords Coupon

For an effective marketing campaign, it is optimal to use both free tools like Bing Places and paid ads to see better results. If you are new to using paid ads or are not sure if you want to invest a lot of money in marketing on Bing you can find an ad coupon online to help you get started. A coupon will give you free advertising credit so that you can try out Bing Ads to see if it works for your business goals without having to spend too much initially. The coupon can act as a trial period so that you can take advantage of Bing’s pay per click ads and see what kind of results you get before investing more money in their marketing tools. Once you start using Bing Ads you might find that you are seeing an increase in traffic on your site and more conversions overall after which you can expand your advertising campaigns to include more keywords.

Although most businesses focus a lot of their marketing on Google, other search engines like Bing offer a way to reach a different group of people and build up your customer base through another source. However much you decide to invest in a Bing marketing campaign you will benefit from having traffic coming from a variety of places rather than only one search tool. As an alternative for online campaigns, Bing has plenty of potential that can help small and larger businesses continue to grow.

Bing Marketing Case Studies

Even though Google may be the more common search engine, extending some marketing efforts to Bing has its advantages. Businesses can still see some significant growth by using Bing Ads and the tools it provides because they will have the chance to reach a completely different audience than they would on Google. Bing also works well as a suggestion tool, helping people find something when they are not searching for a very specific item. Companies of any size can run successful ad campaigns on Bing to bring in some new customers or increase brand awareness online. In many cases, businesses prefer Bing for certain marketing campaigns because they have already seen positive results from the search engine. Whatever the goal may be for a particular campaign, Bing is a notable option to consider.

Microsoft Store Uses Bing Remarketing for Higher Order Values

The search engine marketing manager of the Microsoft Store has been exploring the potential of remarketing through Bing Ads to reach customers again who may have previously visited their website. Remarketing can be a very effective way to increase sales because it allows you to target ads to customers who are already interested in your brand and creates a more personalized experience for them. The marketing team at the Microsoft Store was interested in using Bing’s Universal Event Tracking tool for their remarketing campaign to test their ads in a controlled environment and see what works. Universal Event Tracking allows marketers to track what customers are doing after they click on an ad and collects data to help target users with remarketing lists.

Microsoft found that their Bing remarketing ads were more efficient and that the orders coming through had a higher average order value because of the campaign. Their Bing Ads had a 50 percent higher return on ad spend compared to Google Adwords with 50 percent lower CPCs (cost per click). They also had a 5 to 10 percent higher average order value with remarketing paid ads with a 20 percent higher average ROAS (return on investment spending). Using Bing’s tracking tool they were also able to bring in additional audiences allowing them to double the amount of remarketing impressions compared to using Google.

Online Florist Grows Business with Bing Shopping

A flower company known as From You Flowers started small but has been able to see their business grow through their marketing efforts on Bing. As part of a larger campaign to expand the company’s audience which included plenty of organic and email marketing strategies, From You Flowers incorporated Bing and has seen its contribution to their sales grow tremendously over time. They created a Bing Shopping Campaign to help manage, prioritize and monetize their advertising. PPC is very important to the flower industry as most people search for a florist specifically on a search engine and use product listings to view the image and price of the product that suits them best. From You Flowers used their Bing Shopping Campaign to promote their top selling flowers that had the highest click-through rate.

When From You Flowers launched their Bing Ads marketing efforts they gradually began to see a much greater number of orders coming in. In the year 2015 they had 603 percent greater Bing Ads orders than they did in 2011 and from the previous year also saw a 118 percent growth. That same year their share of PPC orders from Bing Ads was 18 percent and they also saw a 90 percent growth for Valentine’s Day orders over the course of a year. Holidays are now an incredibly busy and even stressful time for the flower company but they manage to reach new goals every year.

PhotoBox Increases Visitors through Bing Ads

Another online company, PhotoBox which specializes in printing personal photos was able to significantly boost their internet presence with the help of paid search ads on Bing. PhotoBox takes customer’s photos and turns them into specialized products including photo books, coffee mugs and a variety of other items. The company already focused much of their marketing efforts online with search engine marketing and other tools but struggled with finding more efficient return on investments (ROI) and low per cost acquisitions. They began using Bing Ads a few years ago and they were able to improve both issues while generating much more traffic to their site.

With Bing Ads they have been able to target customers with specific messaging to get more visibility in an extremely competitive marketplace. The Bing Ads editor made it easier for them to manage bulk uploads and the user interface also helps facilitate bid optimizations. Overall since they started using Bing Ads, PhotoBox has seen a substantial increase in the number of visitors to their website as well as an increase in sales.

Promoting Jay Z’s Memoir on Bing

A unique ad campaign that generated a lot of buzz for Bing in 2010 was part of a promotional plan for Jay Z’s memoir entitled “Decoded”. Bing’s advertising agency was given the opportunity to help promote the new autobiography of one of hip hop’s biggest stars so they came up with a distinctive way to connect with fans and build excitement for the book release. A few months before "Decoded" was scheduled to be released different pages from the memoir were displayed in a variety of locations which coincided with the areas that Jay Z referred to in the excerpt.

Bing released a page a day for a month on various objects such as billboards, plates, pizza boxes and pool tables and later tied all the pages together in an online game. Clues were given for the location of each page on Facebook, Twitter and the radio. A central element in this ad campaign was Bing’s map feature which people could use to indicate where pages were found on the site. The marketing campaign was effective at both promoting Jay Z’s book and increasing impressions and site visits on Bing which at the time was a relatively new search engine. This innovative and memorable marketing campaign incorporated internet advertising and a real world interactive experience that boosted visibility for both parties.

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