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White Papers

The Golden Rule of Link Building

Recent Google Updates and penalties have greatly changed the lucrative world of link building. Now that search marketing professionals have to be more mindful when building links, it’s important to ask yourself how and why you build links. Get up to speed with the latest link buidling techniques.


Social Media Tips

You’ve heard of social media, you have a Facebook account, and you may have even delved into the world of tweeting, but are these social medial tools utilized to help jumpstart word of mouth buzz and traffic for your website and business?  Learning social media can mean the difference between millions of views.  Combining the powerhouse of social media makes your business more relevant, more watched and more successful.


Why Your Site Needs Video

Find out the Seven Reasons Why Video will benefit your website and how it will drive more traffic to you.  Video connects people to your product or service in ways that content in the form of text cannot.  In our tech-speed society video allows people to get acquainted with a product faster with valuable information and a good mental picture.


Website Essentials

Don’t let bad words get you down!  The web is crawling with poor quality websites, not because the businesses are bad but because there are just a few website essentials they are lacking.  Exponential growth is possible with just a quick website consultation and makeover.  Knowing your audience and engaging your prospects are just two simple steps in the right direction to internet domination.