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Web Design

We believe a client's website should reflect that company's brand, as well as its position in the marketplace. We don't believe in "one size fits all" designs or templates. The SEO web design Emarketed creates for your company will be an original design, presenting you as you want to be perceived.

Just as the same printed brochure can't work equally well for a publisher and a bank, website design templates suffer the same shortcomings. For this reason, emarketed's designers (many of whom have apprenticed at other top design and advertising firms) are assigned to our clients' accounts based on expertise in related markets. We don't use stock designs. We don't recycle designs created for other clients. And we don't forget that the design must also be functional, so search engines will view and index the site.

Emarketed's website designs are not only attractive and functional; they're also search engine friendly. Many inexperienced designers or ad agencies ignore (or overlook) this consideration. We employ some of the most experienced web designers in Los Angeles, and the best copywriters and code developers in the business. You'll get a sophisticated seo web design, persuasive and targeted seo web copywriting, and all the essential (but unseen) tools that assure high-level recognition by search engines. We also design with future scalability in mind, so as your company grows, your site can easily grow with it.