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SEO Infographic

We just created this great infographic that shows you a few of our tips and tricks about SEO.  First, if you don’t already know, search engine optimization (SEO) is basically an algorithm that affects how visible content is on the web; it is the free version of pay per click (PPC).  One major way that your business can stay relevant and found on the Internet is by consistently producing new, quality content whether it be through new pages on your site, top quality articles, blog entries and social media posts.  With the evolution of search, more specific content that relates to your industry is best to help you get qualified leads and maximum return on investment (ROI).  A few tricks of the trade - make sure that whoever is in charge of your SEO is always on.  In order to maintain your ranking, keeping on top of optimization, social networks and content is key.  Using tools like Google Analytics can be priceless, but make sure you understand what you are looking at or you might be spinning in circles.  Lastly, Google is always updating it’s algorithm so staying current or contacting SEO experts like us can save you time and money, and help you get where you need to go in the rankings.

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