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Mobile Web Sites

We at Emarketed are committed to taking your site to the next level. Over two billion people have access to the internet via cell phones and hand-held electronic devices. Catering your online business to these users is the essential next step to boosting your site’s interest, traffic and sales.

With the innovation of .Mobi websites in 2006, web designers and online marketing firms are scrambling to keep up with the pace of mobile web technology. This new realm of online technology has its own rules to follow, which differ markedly from the .com norm. The emarketed team has the resources and experience to tailor your brand-new or veteran website to cell phones and PDAs.

So many web users get discouraged with mobile web tools because of poor resolution, eyesore page design and difficulty in searching and navigation. Luckily for you, emarketed knows what it takes to make your customers’ mobile web experience as functional and easy as surfing the web from home. We’ll use all the tricks of the revolutionary .Mobi trade to make your mobile website stand out from the rest.

We’ll infuse your sites with smaller screen sizes, streamlined visuals and clear link placement. Your customers will be able to access your site from the road, pull up a quick review, link to another page or call your business directly for more information. The end result of an emarketed’s mobile web campaign is a satisfied user who can have the freedom to get all the info he needs from your site, which equals more revenue and traffic for you.

Mobile web design is cutting-edge technology which can only get more powerful and productive. With so few companies taking advantage of the new .Mobi sites, your website will occupy an under-utilized niche in e-commerce, one that will surely gain you more business than your stone-aged competition. We at emarketed are ready and able to usher your website into the next age, the mobile age.