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Mobile Web Sites

Mobile and Responsive Websites

Have you seen what your website looks like on a mobile screen? Is it just like your desktop site but... tiny? The buttons may be too small, text unreadable, and some elements not even showing up - this is not the ideal situation for a visitor. Even though smart phone screen sizes are increasing, it is best practice to have an SEO friendly mobile version of your website. The idea is to streamline your design but include all the important things a mobile user would need, placed where they can easily find it.

A responsive website is a must have, especially if you've noticed a trend of increasing mobile visitors to your website. What exactly is responsive website design? It is the development of one single site that adapts to the screen size on every type of device, whether the user is on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Responsive websites are dynamic and automatically re-sizes the content and images displayed to accurately fit the screen size of all types of devices.

The Best Option for Your Business

Google has been known to penalize mobile search results that redirect smartphone users to a different, separate mobile URL. They also prefer responsive websites and label them "Mobile-friendly" on mobile search engine results. Going responsive now will help with your long-term internet marketing strategy but first, make sure the investment will be worth it.

Meaning that a detailed analysis of website visitors and devices is needed before determining if taking the responsive plunge now is worthwhile. If your website gets little to no mobile traffic, an updated mobile design may be a better option.

One Size Fits All

With responsive web design, you get the best of three worlds: mobile, tablet, and desktop all in one. Having one responsive website is search engine friendly, you can keep the same URL when linking and don't have to worry about different URLs for different versions of your site. Responsive design adapts to user behavior and can help direct focus to simplify and create one cohesive story across all devices.

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