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Landing Page Optimization

What makes a landing page-that element of your website that’s so crucial to Pay Per Click advertising campaigns—effective? It starts with presenting the searcher with exactly what they’re looking for: the most relevant and focused results. Get that part right, and your PPC costs go down, sales go up, and customer satisfaction levels reach new highs.

But for most PPC companies, getting that part right isn’t easy. It takes an online marketing firm with a variety of skills, combined with the best technology, to deliver results like that. It also requires a solid understanding of the psychology and practice of marketing.

The ideal supplier should demonstrate the ability to comprehend not just what your company does, but also what you want your customers to do when they arrive at your landing page:

  • Make a purchase?
  • Download a report?
  • Interact with a poll or other elements on the page?
  • Provide contact information for future follow-up?

Each of these options requires a unique approach for determining where and how information and images are displayed on the page, how customer (or prospect) information will be collected, selecting the most effective keywords, and seamlessly weaving those keywords into the page’s text.

So how do you decide who will help you create a successful landing page? Look for a supplier with experience. Why?

Experience is what separates the can do’s from the have done’s. Many internet marketing firms advertise that they can do landing pages. At Emarketed, we have done it: we’ve utilized pay on the page placement strategies and have created more than 100 landing pages that met or exceeded our clients’ expectations. We monitored traffic, conversion rates and keyword performance, then continued to refine each element.

The result? Our clients' pay per click landing pages achieved higher quality scores with Google and other major search engines. That meant search engines presented those pages to more highly targeted (and more likely to buy) traffic, so our clients were able to get more leads, traffic or sales-for less.

Only experience can deliver results like that. Emarketed has that experience, and we’re ready to put it to work for you.