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Landing Page Optimization

A potential customer has clicked on your ad, now what? At Emarketed, we recognize that the PPC landing page is just as important as the ad that brought the customer to your website. Using specific landing pages for your PPC campaign can result in increased conversion rates and lower cost-per-clicks and that's what we intend to help your business accomplish.

Create Unique Landing Pages

Did you know that some paid ads don't even direct potential customers to a specific page on the website? Landing on a home page from an ad can guarantee a quick bounce – it's also a waste of a click and money. The Emarketed team also specializes in PPC management, so we can work in-sync to effectively optimize your landing pages so that they are aligned with all your paid ad campaigns.

Pay Per Click Landing Page Optimization Services

-Landing page analysis & consultation
-Landing page design
-Google AdWords Quality Score optimization
-Tracking (analytics, A/B testing, heat & click maps)
-Goal tracking

What Happens After The Click

For PPC campaigns, we understand that a click isn't good enough. Targeted clicks bring in qualified leads. We have the experience to understand the intent of the searcher and what they want to do once they reach a PPC landing page. There should be some clear form of action:

-Submit contact information for follow up
-Call or click to call
-Make a direct purchase
-Download a book
-Sign up for a newsletter
-Interact with other portions of the landing page

Do Your Landing Pages Need Improvement?

PPC landing page optimization is always ongoing but that process must start the correct way. If your ads are ranking but the conversions aren't adding up, it's time to ask for help. Emarketed's internet marketing experts take satisfaction in simplifying the paid search experience so that your business can do what it does best – be a business and stop worrying about the precise details of pay per click marketing. We work hard to help your business get a higher return on your paid ad spend. Contact us today for a complimentary review of your PPC landing pages – you have nothing to lose!