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CMS Development

Emarketed is proud to offer yet another service to our clients that will both increase functionality and return on investment. Our CMS, or content management system is an application used to organize, change, publish and manage content, graphics and HTML code. We have developed our own CMS that is complementary to the other organic SEO services that we offer. In the past, content management systems and search engine optimization did not mesh well, but thanks to advances in technology and our commitment to creating excellent products, CMS and SEO can work hand in hand.

Our clients have more access and a greater ability to manage their own websites while still being able to have optimized content and code. Emarketed offers what is called Organic CMS, which is a content management system that works seamlessly with optimization. Users can now access their websites and allow certain privileges to the administrator and other users.

Our CMS has been proven effective and we continually challenge ourselves to make our CMS better and better. The organic CMS program we have developed is a unique template system that allows programmers to code a template easily with very little chance of error. This system is created with OOP (object-oriented programming) and already has search-optimized code to allow for a continued strong presence of Internet marketing. The template is integrated to allow the front end to take on the same shape as the back end and is valid with w3c output and css output; two very commonly used services on many websites.

Finding the right CMS may be difficult, but here are a few more things to consider. Our system also allows for the creation, editing, and deletion of pages and postings using a tinyMCE right-text editor also know as wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) editor. Further, removed or edited postings and content is archived and can be accessed by the user.

Some of the best features of our Organic CMS include a modular plugin/extension system that allows variable privileges to the administrator and other users so that they are able to add content to a portion of the page using template variables. Online documentation and CMS updates are visible from the administrative homepage and everything can be installed very simply with little effort or confusion. Additionally Organic CMS will offer both a tag search and a site search option through the application.