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Quality Control In Online Viral Marketing & Organic SEO

The Importance Of Quality Online Viral Marketing

Let’s face it – anyone barrage the web with lack-luster, mediocre content. A far more difficult (and more important) task, however, is to create quality material that actually has the potential to go viral. In terms of online viral marketing, drivel isn’t viral. It’s as simple as that. In order for your video content, social media content, etc. to go viral and gain snowball-effect popularity, you must give users a reason to care, and a reason to spread your content. Thus, originality and effort are absolutely essential in creating your content…in whatever forms it may take. Do something that hasn’t been done before, and do it well.

Quality Vs. Quantity In Organic SEO

The same rules of online viral marketing also generally apply to organic SEO. While quantity is most certainly important (number of existing links, content pages, strategic keyword blogs, etc.), the quality of said SEO methods is vital. For example, let’s say you have established over 1,000 links to your company’s website. This sounds like a fantastic start, right? In some sense, it is, but if, say, 80% of these links are paid links or reciprocal links, search engines are likely to wise up to this and essentially disqualify them in terms of ranking your site. It stands to reason, then, that it is a far better idea to establish quality links to bolster your SEO. Scour the Internet for niche blogs or forums related to your industry and establish a legitimate presence there. If you’re lucky, you might even get an editorial mention, which is one of the most legitimate sources of exposure on the net.

Searching For Quality Internet Marketing Services

With all this talk of quality and “quality vs. quantity,” it would make sense that, in searching for internet marketing services, quality of service should be the goal here, too. Anyone can claim to be an internet marketing expert, but not everyone can deliver results. In selecting an online marketing agency that’s right for your business, consider agency’s range of services. Do they have an in-house SEO manager? Are they a Google Adwords qualified company? Do they have an experienced social media team? If you intend to see the maximum return on your marketing investment, the answers to all of these questions should be a resounding “yes.”