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SEO Website Analysis

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN are the business niche of online business, arranged systematically against search engines standards. The essence of this is that the higher you rank in search engine landing pages such as Google and Yahoo mean more exposure and more profit to your company. This makes search engine optimization a marketing fundamental in social media internet marketing. Google designed a number of marketing tools such as Google Analytics, Google Sitemaps and Google alerts to help businesses optimize their websites. Google optimization is fundamental in search engine optimization.

However, not everyone can do effective search engine optimization. Hence, there’s a need for search engine optimization experts such as natural optimization consultants who can help them maximize return of investment on their online business.

Search engine optimization starts with detailed website analysis to ensure that web information is clearly and easily understood by web searchers and to make it search engine friendly.

But what really is website analysis? It is the collective process of creating search engine friendly websites characteristics and quality information through evaluation and rating. The primary goal of website analysis is a search engine friendly website which is guaranteed to convert visitors into customers. So what are the characteristics of a search engine friendly web design? Successful websites cite the following: