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The Secret to Effective Keyword Advertising

Why can't I use the search terms I want?

Google SEO database consultants cites that the most common reason you won’t be able to use certain keywords is because there’s too much competition for the same terms. To see this for yourself, type cars” into your favorite search engine. You’ll get more than 400,000,000 results.

If you were selling some car-related product or service, how could you possibly compete with all the major car manufacturers, dealerships, used car sellers, car buying services, car parts suppliers, car repair shops, car alarm suppliers, car audio installers, automobile clubs, automotive magazines, body shops, accessories distributors, and all the other products and services related to cars which are marketed online? It’s just not going to happen.

The secret to effective keyword advertising is to find search terms that differentiate you from other related industries, as well as from your competitors. Too many online marketers make the mistake of fighting a bidding war over generic” keywords that may be common to a variety of industries. As a result, they pay too much and get diluted results. Why? Because these terms are so broad, they don’t bring the right kind of qualified buyers to the bidder’s website.

Finding the right keywords can be crucially important to online marketing success. Keyword tools can help suggest keywords that are frequently searched. According to research conducted by DoubleClick, Inc. (an internet advertising firm), “one out of every two online purchases is preceded by research on a search engine” and “nearly three out of four travel buyers consulted search engines before making a purchase.” That means more than half of all online purchasing decisions are made after conducting a search for the desired product or service!

Website owners who don’t use Search Engine Marketing and whose websites do not have search engine friendly web designs are like brick-and-mortar store owners who slam the door in the face of every second customer who approaches. No smart marketer would ever think of operating a business that way.