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Compare and Contrast PPC and SEO

There are many techniques to consider when starting to get into internet marketing. Web design, social media, and search engine optimization are just some of the ways to improve business for your website. Los Angeles web design firms are able to provide any type of marketing service you may need and assist in the growth of your company’s website. The most popular forms of Internet marketing are pay per click advertising and search engine optimization. Although they are very similar, some distinct differences make them even more powerful when utilized together.


Search marketing services offer pay per click consulting to explain the uses of a PPC campaign. PPC is very popular among businesses that value being at the top of search results. It can give immediate exposure to websites that have targeted specific keywords. When a person types in that word in a search engine, the first site or three that are listed are paid for, meaning the spots are reserved and the company must actually pay per click they get from the search engine. Some may view this as a waste of money while others find it greatly useful.


Similar to pay per click, search engine optimization (SEO) also deals with getting to the top of search results. In contrast to PPC, SEO is not paid for but strategically organized to reflect the targeted keywords. These keywords are placed in the content of the site and directed in a way that Google picks up and recognizes. When search engines see that the demand for a word matches your site, the website goes higher and higher on the results page. SEO Los Angeles is highly effective but takes experience and knowledge to be accomplished correctly.